Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Things We Learned This Week 34 of 2011 (books, movie, KIVA, game, blogging, dogs, Thome)


We finally reached 200 followers on this blog this week (yippee) but then lost one (oh no)!  I wonder how many of them actually read it though.  I picked up one after that though so I am happy to be at 200 followers again!


I am so excited that I found out this week the the second KIVA loan I made is being paid back already! I loaned to a man in Peru who needed a new roof on his house.

Authors Card Game

I learned over at The Goat that The Authors card game has different variations and has been in constant production for over 60 years. I still have mine from my childhood.

"The Help" movie

We went to see the movie "The Help" last Sunday and the theater was packed! By the time we got there, there were only seats left together in the first three rows. It was entertaining and followed the book very closely. The acting was superb! The only thing we didn't like was sitting 20 minutes through all the other movie previews. If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, we highly recommend both (it does have some bad language which I was able to ignore and still enjoy the movie)!

Kidnapping Dogs!

According to USA TODAY, there are thieves who actually kidnap dogs (most often Yorkies and Pomeranians)to get money! NEVER leave your dog alone outside or in a car.


source:  Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Now for the good news--Jim Thome, one of my all-time favorite players who recently hit his 600th homerun, is back with the tribe! So glad I still have that t-shirt with his name on the back! Think I'll wear that to the game next week when we go on our vacation.

Colt McCoy (Cleveland Browns QB)

I'm going to read Colt McCoy's book soon called Growing Up Colt but glanced through it and discovered his real name isn't Colt. I thought that was a strange first name. It's Daniel. I also found out he is a Christian and was a farm boy. I look forward to reading his book.

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Max the Quilt Cat said...

You had a very informed week. Thanks for sharing, so now I'm smarter too and know all that you learned.

pawhugs, Max

BeadedTail said...

That's terrible about the dogs being stolen. I have a hold on The Help from the library and am looking forward to reading it.

Ann in the UP said...

I hate to hear that animals are being kidnapped. My critters are mostly indoors and even indoors they run and hide when strangers show up.

Good for the Indians acquiring Jim Thome. He's an advantage wherever he goes. In baseball or in life.

I always enjoy finding out what you have learned.

Daisy said...

Kidnapping someone's beloved pet is very low!

Lin said...

Thome was booed so much by the Cleveland fans when he left before--I will be curious to how they treat him now. While he's good at homeruns, he also hits a LOT of outs now. He's totally on or off--no in between. I hope he works on that.

I LOVED the book "The Help"--can't wait to see the movie.

don't you hate the numbers of followers?? I always feel bad when I lose one.

Rachael said...

I saw The Help a few weeks ago and loved it! It was very true to the book. My husband thought it was outstanding too, though it upset him a little especially because he didn't really know what it was about before we went.

Karen and Gerard said...

Max, Glad you learned something too. I always like to share what I learn.

Beaded Tail and Daisy: Yes, a person has to be a real creep to steal someone's dog! I'm sure you will like THE HELP too and suggest you also go see the movie.

Ann in the Up: I agree, I was shocked when Gerard told me about dog kidnappers! It scared him when he read that and told Abby he never wanted that to happen to her!
I'm sure she understood too--at least she understands that we love her! So happy to get Jim Thome back! The crowd welcomed him in a big way!

Lin: The fans welcomed Thome back in a big way--we had a sell out crowd that was filled with "welcome back Thome" signs and the crowd gave him 4 standing ovations when he came up to bat! We love him and are grateful to the Minnesota Twins for allowing him to come back home to us where he belongs. It's kind of a "prodigal son" thing going on! Bring out the fatted calf and let's celebrate!

I know he strikes out a lot too, but that's just part of how it is when you are a homerun hitter. All or nothing, you got that right.

Glad to hear you loved THE HELP too. I'm sure you'll love the movie too! It's really good!

Rachael: It upset me too when I first read the book because I had no idea racism and discrimination was that bad during the 60s! It seems so recent to me.

Marg said...

That is a lot of news. Our Mom wants to read that book too. Good to get some baseball news. Wishing you a really good week end. Take care.

traci's mixed bag said...

This is the 2nd time I've heard about the Kiva loan program. It's definitely something EVERYONE can do. When I looked up who the loans were for I just got tears in my eyes. Thinking of all the people EVERYWHERE struggling, doing their best to make it. It makes me so mad at greedy people.

Unknown Mami said...

KIVA rocks my world. I love them and I love it when loans get paid back.

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