Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thursday Was "Be Mean To Spunky Day?" by Spunky Doodle (AWWW Mondays)

See patch of fur missing on my right leg?
Last Thursday Karen acted very strange so I KNEW something was up, just didn't realize how bad it would be! I've been having a rough few weeks and Thursday was THE WORST! For three weeks, Karen has been trying to clean out my right ear since the vet said there was some bacteria in it and it looked like I might have a slight ear infection.

At supper time, first she stuck a cotton ball in my right ear with Epi-Otic Advanced solution on it and spun it all round. I let her do this though because I was hungry and knew I would get my food afterwards. But then, before my second helping a few minutes later, she stuck in a pointy thing and squirted Dermalone Ointment which always startled me. On Thursday, I got the bad news that she has to keep doing this but wait longer between the cleaning and the squirting. My ear wasn't cleared up at all! All that for nothing because she didn't wait long enough between cleaning and squirting!

But wait, that's not all. I had to get my teeth cleaned.  I knew something was up when I didn't get any breakfast.  I always get breakfast at 4:50 a.m. but not Thursday.  Is it any wonder I didn't want to go into that carrier? Do you blame me? I was so hungry!  She shoved me in and off we went early in the morning.  You can see it all on this video called "The Cat Carrier Challenge" (I actually evaded longer than this, but Karen edited some out for you).

They shaved some furs off both my legs and now they are ugly.  I am so embarrassed to show you but Karen thinks I should.  The vet gave me something called anesthesia which put me into a deep sleep (that was the best part).  While I was asleep though, they put a tube in my throat and propped my mouth open.  Glad I was asleep.  I had to stay all day long even though I woke up around noon.  At least Karen came and rescued me at 4:15 p.m. and I did not have to stay overnight like I did when I was spayed.  That was much worse!

I got a certificate of bravery but really I think they could have given me something better like another cat tree!  What am I going to do with a certificate?  Karen put it on the refrigerator.  You would think that was enough torture for one day, but no, it wasn't.  When I got home, I had to stay in the carrier for about an hour to make sure I didn't jump or run around.  (My name is "Spunky" for a reason you know.)  Finally, after an hour, I could drink some water and after another hour, I got 1/4 of the food that I normally get for supper.  All that so I wouldn't vomit which I did not.

Here is our "Cats Visit Vet 8-11-11" video of our trip to the torture chamber.  Manny came too while I was asleep and had to get shots so most is of him.

This is how Karen spent her day off. Oh, and throw in a mammogram but also reading time at the library garden and a special lunch at McDonald's (cheeseburger and small vanilla shake) because she was stressed too and needed a break!

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Daisy said...

Oh Manny, you poor dear! I am so sorry you had to endure such terrible tortures. You should be so proud of your Certificate of Bravery!

Karen and Gerard said...

Spunky Doodle is the one who got the certificate of bravery. Poor Manny didn't get anything except for a few extra treats when he got home.

jabblog said...

I hope Spunky Doodle's ear clears up soon - ear problems are such a nuisance. I'm sure he's appreciating his sparkling teeth, though:-)
Manny was very good - all that practising paid off;-)

Lin said...

Oh, Spunky, that is HORRIBLE! But I'm gonna tell ya that poor Karen was a mess while all of this was going on, I'm sure! I know I am when my sweet kitties go under. It is NOT fun worrying about your animals--you feel very helpless.

I hope you are feeling better soon and that fur grows in quickly. You certainly deserved that certificate of bravery!

Marg said...

That is really scary when the kitties have to go under. We are sorry you had to do that but thrilled that it all came out just right. Hope you have a great Sunday.

BeadedTail said...

Oh Spunky, that was a really bad day! We're glad your teeth are all cleaned up now and that none had to be pulled! We hope your ear gets better soon too! You sure earned that Certificate of Bravery!

Manny, you were a very good boy at the vets!

Ann in the UP said...

Oh, Karen, what a day! Two cats to the vet plus a mammogram? I'm sending YOU a certificate of bravery! Well, maybe I will and maybe I'll forget, but you definitely deserve one. I can't take more than one cat at a time.

Karen said...

Wow, that is a lot for one day! I would have had to go to Steak n Shake for a milk shake! I am having trouble with my ears. I wish I could be put under and have them fixed. You kitties have it better.

Sandee said...

Awww...You are so cute Spunky Doodle. You mom did what needed doing, but you know that now.

Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. :)

Gattina said...

Poor you ! to go through all that, that's a lot of a little cat !

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Fun post! I liked your narration, Spunky. ;)

Chris said...

poor Spunky Doodle, what a horrendous day you had. Hope you have recovered by now.

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