Friday, August 19, 2011

How We Know It's Friday

Gerard told me he wanted to do a video for our blog so I followed him to the kitchen and this is the video he did. We usually only buy food that we need for the week but I guess he thinks we should get more. He doesn't mention in the video that the big bag of dog food is almost empty. We have to get some more tomorrow. Hope you got a chuckle from this and don't run out of food at your house!

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BeadedTail said...

Hee hee! That was funny! We're so glad the pets have plenty of food although we think there should be more than one bag of Party Mix! We think that shows the right priorities Gerard! :)

Sadie, Angel and Isabella

Rebecca Mecomber said...

That video was HILARIOUS!!! Gerard has a very good sense of humor. And NO it's not right that the pets have more food than the people, LOL!! But then again, you have more animals than people, so....

I have four kids. I could never have cupboards so bare before I go to the grocery store (although, to be honest, it's been almost that close a couple of times!).

My son saw the video with me and he laughed, too. :)

OK, so you 'll have to do a follow-up, to make sure you guys filled the cabinets! Otherwise, I'm going to drive down there and deliver some food! lol

Sandee said...

We have enough food, water and propane to last about one month if we didn't have a way to shop for groceries. We have always been prepared for any disaster. You just never know. I agree with Gerard. You don't have enough food. Just saying. :)

Helene said...

I showed Bella this video and she's all, "Mom, how can they live off of just water and cheese?? But at least they have ice cream bars".

Gerard is so his sense of humor!!!

Karen and Gerard said...

Beaded Tail: We do have another bag of cat treats in the cupboard, sorry the video was too dark to see them at this point. Our pets are well provided for.

Rebecca: Glad you and your son found our video funny. Thanks for your concern too, but never fear. We did shop today and restocked our refrigerator and cupboards. Maybe I will do a follow-up post to this.

Sandee: We just always buy what we think we'll need for one week. We don't really have much storage space. I don't know where the people who lived here before us who had 4 kids put their food.

Helene: Aw, that's so sweet Bella is so concerned about us but we really do manage just fine. We just buy what we need for one week and shop every Saturday. I like Gerard's humor too! Love that he helps me with blog post ideas and is willing to actively participate like this! He's going to love your comment.

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Gerard is hysterical! "And a single piece of gum."

He kills me. Now go shopping!

Ann in the UP said...

I'll comment again, now that I can. By all means enter me in the grab bag for a copy of Iron House. It looks grim, but good.

You already know what I think about the state of your cupboards. LOL

Different strokes for different folks.

Sharkbytes said...

Wow- no ketchup or mustard or jars of greening unknowns? I think your refrigerator is in the third world. Hope you did go shopping.

Lin said...

Oh my gosh! What if there was a disaster or an emergency???! You really should keep some extra food around the house so you don't starve!

I liked Gerard's video. :)

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