Sunday, March 20, 2011

With Spring Comes March Madness!

Buckeye Fans:  Moe & Patchdog

The college basketball “March Madness” tournament has begun! I normally wouldn’t care, but when you fill out a bracket and enter a pool, it makes it a whole lot more interesting! Gerard and I both enjoy marking our winning picks and hoping to end up winning the pool.

The nice thing is that you really don’t have to follow basketball to play because there is plenty talk about the teams on TV, the Internet and in the newspaper Plus, their rank is listed right on the bracket—not that those mean a whole lot, anything can happen! That’s what makes it exciting and why they play the games.

Office Pools

My office pool costs $10 to enter which gives big winnings! There are 107 people this year who have entered, but I chose not to again and just enter Gerard’s pool which is made up of only 12 entries at $5. I figure my chances are much better to win in his than mine and it costs less. (I did win last year!)

Our Picks

This year I went with Ohio State, Duke, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh for my final four with (drum roll please, can you guess?) Ohio State for the champion.

Since we both entered the same pool, Gerard picked Ohio State, Duke, Louisville and Kansas State for his final four with Duke as champion. (Louisville lost in the first round!)

What do you think of March Madness? How many pools do you enter?

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Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

My husband just retired from teaching in Detroit for over 30 yrs (as you know I lived in Cleveland from 1963 til 2001 and worked at The Plain Dealer from 1980 til Dad, Ray Osrin, was the editorial cartoonist there) husband always ran their March Madness pool at work....did you know I actually think they are illegal to have at work but I'll never tell! xoxo

Sharkbytes said...

BB is one of my least favorite sports, and I don't pay any attention to it at all.

magiceye said...

best wishes!!

Gattina said...

I don't know at all what that is !

Karen and Gerard said...

Cat Chat: Illegal? No way. It's just a friendly bet among co-workers (friends). A donation to our friends.

Sharbytes: I know a lot of people couldn't care less about this. I never bothered with it either until maybe 7 years ago.

Gattina: It's just trying to predict which college basketball teams will win in the NCAA tournament to win some money from your friends--or whatever pool you enter. There are even online pools you can join like on Yahoo and for example.

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

Karen I know it isn't illegal, as I said I was in them for YEARS at jobs and my husband ran a pool at work but some offices don't allow them because they have said that they are illegal...I'M not saying they are....OTHERS have....I LOVE DOING THEM! And....the Super Bowl pools too (which I have won a few times!)...actually the Super Bowl pools are my FAVES!
Have a great day!

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