Friday, March 25, 2011

6 Things We Learned In Week 12 of 2011 (Firefox, NFL, food, rings, library, video)

Firefox version 4

I upgraded to Firefox 4 this week and learned that it is not compatible with my Delicious and Norton toolbars. Oh well, it is faster! The tabs are at the top now though so that is taking some getting used to.  Today though, my blog isn't loading all the way.  It stops at the end of recommended blogs before the Bloggers Over 40 badge and doesn't show the "show all" in the list of blogs.  What's up with that?  UPDATE:  Apparently, not fully loading my blog is not a Firefox problem--I tried it using IE and it does the same thing!  UGH!  My other ones are not fully loading either!  (At first it wasn't compatible with Entrecard toolbar, but today when I went on after work, my Entrecard toolbar was back!) 


The NFL has changed moved up the kickoff to the 35 yard line instead of the 30. This does not make us happy—it will be easier now for teams to kick it into the end zone and avoid long kick returns which is a big part of the Browns game.

119 Years Old!

When I went on my email this week I saw on Yahoo news that Rebecca Lanier is the oldest person in the United States at age 119 and is still walking around, thinks clearly and dresses herself. She shared her secret to a long life: “Just keep living.”

Library Event

Shelley Shephard Gray
Author of Amish Christian Fiction, Shelley Shepard Gray, is going to speak at the Parma-Snow Cuyahoga County Library branch on April 12. I just read one of her books this week and enjoyed it: Wanted. It was a light, pleasant read.

Skippy Wins!

In USA TODAY I learned that Creamy Skippy Peanut Butter (the kind I eat) got top honors in the taste test done by the staff of Cook’s Illustrated. Gerard’s wasn’t even mentioned (Smart Choice)! Yup, we eat different kinds.


I can’t get my ring off! I’ve been wearing my mom’s wedding ring (a plain gold band) along with mine and decided to just wear mine, but I can’t get it off! It won’t fit over my big knuckle. Help--any suggestions? UPDATED 3/26: It came off when I showered with all the soap!

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Brandi. said...

Rebecca Lanier = Amazing!! If only there could be more people like her. :)

As for the rings, try some oil or soap or something?

Mike Golch said...

I tried FF4 and did not like the way things loaded and the campatability issues I don't like as I'm sticjing with FF 3.6.13 for the time being,every thing works that I need to work.yeh it's a little slower.

Daisy said...

I'm glad you said that about FF4, because we have been contemplating making the switch! said...

the only peanut butter I'll eat comes from Canada... made by Kraft - smooth... I'm hoarding my last jar until my parents can get here in May.

Happy FF! Thanks for stopping by today

Sharkbytes said...

I heard about the FF4 problems. I won't be upgrading yet. Cold hand then lots of dish soap.

BeadedTail said...

The football change is crazy. If they don't want people returning the ball, why don't they just start it on the 20 yard line without having a kickoff with it going through the end zone. Bonkers!

Hope you get the ring off! Lots of dish soap should work but don't do it over the sink in case it flies off so it doesn't go down the drain!

Lin said...

I was thinking of you this week--my friend Wendy learned a VERY important lesson and I probably should blog about it.

Her friend left her cell phone at Wendy's house. She called and asked that Wendy ship it to her and she did just that. She packaged it up in a bubble envelope, but after she paid for the shipment, the phone buzzed! Wendy had forgotten to turn it off.

The place went NUTS!!! The post office employees all came running--it is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to ship a cell phone with its battery in place. They were horribly mean to her and told her to leave immediately or they would have to call the FBI!

Had she left before it went off, the FBI would have been to her house! They took all of her information, including car and license plate numbers. She was lucky not to be arrested. VERY SCARY!

Coby said...

119!!! Oh my goodness! That's amazing! She LOOKS amazing! As the saying goes in my house: "Black don't crack!" ;-)

As for the ring...peanut butter? Crisco? Coconut oil? Good luck!

Karen said...

That is crazy about the commenter's friend getting in trouble for shipping a cell phone without taking out the battery. Sheesh!

It is amazing that that woman is that old and able to do what she does. I only want to live that long if I am in good health.

You guys, have a great weekend!

Patti Hanan said...

I think it is awesome that you are donating to a charity that helps animals for every comment you get in March! I will check out their website. I am so glad to have found your blog after you found mine!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Brandi: I agree, living to 119 is amazing! Thanks for the soap suggestion--it worked!

Mike and Daisy: I like the speed of FF4 though and also that if I right click, the open new tab option is first. That's the one I use most.

Heather: That's funny you're so choosey about your PB.

Sharkbytes: Are there other issues I'm not aware of with FF4? Got my ring off, thanks for the soap suggestion!

Beaded Tail: I know, they might as well not play at all and then no one will get hurt!

Lin: Thanks for the heads-up about sending the cell phones in the mail! Poor Wendy.

Coby: I never heard that saying! I think it's marvelous that she is that old and doesn't have health problems, although I see she does use a walker.

Karen: I agree. Living long but being bedridden really is not something I would want to do UNLESS I would be able to use a laptop or still read.

Patti: You have a wonderful blog! I would add you to my blogroll but I'm having problems with that right now. I was excited to find your blog today too! Thanks for following me. You may be interested in our other blogs as well: (my book and my dad--memories) (book reviews) (pets/Christianity)

Carolee Hollenback said...

Well, I came here a while ago but strayed away to read about your Dad on the other blog.

I finally remembered to come back!

I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

Have a great evening!

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