Friday, March 11, 2011

4 Things We Learned This week 10 of 2011 (Firefox, new things, Alzheimer's)


When I went to I found out that "Firefox" is another name for red pandas! They are my favorite cutest animal ever and there is video of real red pandas on their site. Now I like my Firefox browser even more!


Do you know what a Squinkee is? I didn't until I read "Squinkees" over at "For Love Or Funny." They are little cute characters that are packaged inside balls that like to sit on top of pencils. Apparently they are a hit with 6th graders. I've never seen one personally.

Alzheimer's Facts

Here’s some things I learned this week about Alzheimer’s from reading Still Alice by Lisa Genova:

Alzheimer’s does not just happen to 80-yr-olds. Even some people in their 40s or 50s get it! (When I can’t think of a particular word or someone’s name, I joke that Alzheimer’s is setting in, but now I don’t think it’s so funny, but kind of scary.)

It is common for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s under the age of 65 to consider suicide.

Running can be helpful in slowing down the progression of the disease.

The person with Alzheimer’s knows when they are out of it and misses how they used to be.

Exercise Tips

For exercise tips I've learned over time while working with various trainers, reading FITNESS magazine and Strength Training For Seniors, be sure to read my 11 Exercise Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts.

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Daisy said...

Now I want to get some Squinkies!

Kay said...

that firefox is adorable!!

i appreciate your exercise tips, that was very helpful!!

i believe i would be very scared to get alzheimer's as a young person. we have not dealt with dimentia in our families yet, so we are probably due for it. it seems scary, the whole process.

Anonymous said...

I've been using Firefox as my default browser for several years. I also use Mozilla Thunderbird as my email handler. And guess what? You can't beat the price! FREE!!!

Bill Lisleman said...

Firefox has been my browser for a long time but I didn't know the animal connection. My FIL had dementia and it was awful watching him slowly and painfully fade away. In the beginning he often would get very angry about situations that did or didn't exist. As sad as it was, we got a few laughs (very few) from the craziness of it.

BeadedTail said...

The firefox is very cute! I get very forgetful when I'm tired. At least I hope that's the reason. :)

Coby said...

Who knew about Firefox? I love little random facts like that!

Claudya Martinez said...

Those Squinkies are cute!

Carolee Sperry a.k.a. The Blogging Biz Mom said...

Never heard of a squinky, but my 8th grader says she has.

She says, "Don't you adults watch commercials?"


I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

You should check out The Blogging Buddies...dedicated visitors and comments!

We even have a woman that writes about her "adventures" with her mom who has Alzheimers.

Have a wonderful day!

Mrs4444 said... SAD; it breaks my heart, and I don't even know anyone suffering with it.

Karen, I love the way you share what you learn :)

Lin said...

Squinkees are new to me. I guess they aren't so popular with the high school crowd yet. I'll go get some so that I'm ready when the wave hits my kids. :) Thanks for the heads-up!

Sharkbytes said...

Well, I like that the "Firefox" is real. I thought it was just a madeup thing.

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