Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The NFL Got Me Riled Up

NFL Lockout

First there's the NFL lockout because players and owners are greedy and can't seem to come to terms as to how to divide up the money between them. I think it is absolutely preposterous the the NFL can dictate who coaches, managers and players can and cannot talk to.

NFL Rule Change

The NFL rule change for kickoffs is bad for the Browns. Our special teams with Josh Cribbs our outstanding kickoff returner is one bright spot of the Browns, but now the NFL voted to move the starting point for kickoffs up 5 yards to make it easier for the kick to be a touchback. The reason given was to prevent some injuries but I think that is lame.  A 5-yard difference is going to prevent injuries? I don’t get this reasoning. I think many clubs are afraid of some kick returners going all the way for a touchdown like Cribbs has done quite often. Teams are just afraid of kicking to Cribbs so voted to make it easier to kick it to the end zone and start it at the 20. Only six teams voted against this rule change. I don’t know, but I bet those who did have good returners on their special teams unit. Just a hunch.

What do you think about this? What has got you riled up?


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