Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Things We Learned This 11th Week of 2011 (cats, books, popcorn, parenting)


Besides the devastation of the tsunami in Japan, I learned from Sparkle that there is a Cat Island in Japan. I never heard of this place before. The cats survived the Tsunami!  Sparkle's Paws For Japan post to raise money with comments for the organization that rescues animals in disasters raised $300.

Cat In The Hat

I just re-read this book last Sunday and learned it actually is about obedience and honesty. You can read my review of it at Grab A Book From Our Stack. This was one of the first books I owned but couldn't remember what it was about.


A big tub of popcorn that you get at a movie theater is as many calories as 2 1/2 Big Macs! I read that in the PLAIN DEALER last Friday. Gerard thought it was very interesting and told me to add it in this post. I always thought popcorn was one of the better snack foods!

Chinese Parenting

Here are some things I learned about the Chinese way of parenting when I read Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother:
Chinese generally consider an A- a bad grade.

To be the best, you must practice more than everyone else—even when traveling on vacation.

Chinese generally are disgraced with second place.

Chinese parents are generally blunt and do not consider the feelings of their kids.

Chinese parents generally believe they know best for their kids so do not let the kids make choices.

Chinese generally always do extra credit, even if not needed.

Chinese parents push their children to excel because they are confident they can with hard work.

NFL Lockout

We are upset about the NFL lockout. Our Browns have a new coaching staff, new plays to learn and some new players and really need to start training ASAP! How stupid that the coaches and players aren't permitted to even talk to each other all because of greed basically. Too sad that the players and owners can't agree on how to divide up $9 billion!

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Daisy said...

We were very glad that the people and cats on Cat Island are safe. Now they just need supplies of food and water and such.

Karen said...

Noooo! Popcorn is the only thing I eat that doesn't leave me with a guilt complex! I hope it is not that many calories if eaten without any butter.

Kristin - The Goat said...

Cat Island. Never heard of it, but will know about it from now on. How cool that it existed and that it looks like they made it through the storm.

It seems like 9 Billion dollars would be worth dividing instead of having a lock out. It's really crazy.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Some of my kids have studied the Chinese culture (and are keen on the language). We have always been impressed with their quest for excellence. There is a HUGE Christian revival going on in China right now. It's all underground, because the communist government is working very hard to quell it. Many, many Chinese Christians are suffering for their faith. Please remember to pray for them as if chained with them! :)

Brandi. said...

But, movie theater popcorn is so good!! I don't get to the movies often. :)

Coby said...

Ewwww! Two Big Macs? All from a tub of popcorn?

Popcorn actually IS a good snack. We make it at home - kernels in a brown paper sack, microwaved. We just use a little bit of real butter. SO good!

BeadedTail said...

I hadn't heard of Cat Island before all these either and am grateful they are okay. I hope everyone is getting the water, food and supplies they need throughout Japan.

Cat Chat With Caren and Cody (Caren Gittleman) said...

thanks so much for sharing everything you have learned this week with us!

I love the Chinese philosophy...that is why they are so successful and their children are as well.

Ohhhh and I soooooooo miss my Sunday, Plain Dealer!

Sparkle said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my Cat Island and Paws for Japan posts! I was only vaguely aware of Cat Island before the earthquake happened... I know a lot more about it now!

doreen said...

Cat Island. Amazing! Those Chinese sure are a cold bunch; so different from the Japanese when it comes to parenting yet they both produce intelligent human beings. I prefer the Japanese style.
Hope your week starts out fabulous!

Lin said...

It isn't the popcorn that is bad--it is what they put ON it. All that faux butter that they put on it at the show is icky for you.

The company I work for is owned by a Chinese woman. She is really blunt--to a fault. Actually, she is downright mean and rude in her comments and I just stay clear of her. I can't imagine growing up like that.

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