Friday, August 7, 2009

7 Things I Learned This Week--Part 31

Tribe Trades

I am very disappointed in the Indians trades: Cliff Lee for minor leaguers and Victor Martinez for minor leaguers. It's obvious the Indians ball club just doesn't want to pay the big bucks to keep their good players. For more of my thoughts, see Zemeks' Updates. I'll be cheering for Boston the rest of this season!

Facial Animation--Crazy Talk

From Daisy the Curly Cat this week, I discovered how people cat get their pets mouths to move with the words they use when talking for them in a video! There's special software available to use for this called Crazy Talk. Be sure to check out Daisy's Monday Riddle post here for a cute demonstration.

Pink Driver's License

Ohio has changed their driver's licenses to pink! Some men aren't happy with that and some people thought the machine messed up and tried giving it back to get it redone. When one lady got her new license and saw it was pink, she wondered if the men got blue ones--but no. Everyone gets pink now because apparently it's a harder color to copy.

Fly Predators

At Red Pine Mountain since horses make lots of poop, they get lots of flies but they have a solution--they actually buy fly predators! I never heard of such a thing before. Visit Red Pine Mountain to read all about it and see her horse dressed up rolling on the ground!


Had a biopsy on Tuesday. Went well in that they were able to get the right area. Actually took pieces of tissue. Wasn't painful at all since they numbed the area and just went into the breast with a needle, just noisy. Every time the technician went for a chunk it sounded like a big stapler. (The results of my aspiration is that the cysts are not cancerous, now have to wait to hear about the biopsy results).

Best Buy Recycles

While stumbling which I don't do often,I found the Woman's Day site that has lots and lots of useful information. One thing I found out there that especially caught my interest is that Best Buy recycles electronics! Check it out here first, they only take certain things but charge $10 but then give you a $10 gift certificate.

Cleaning Vases

At My Library blog I found a good tip for cleaning those narrow vases that are hard to get to the bottom of. Use a couple Alka-Seltzer tablets!


Daisy said...

If I was Allowed to drive, I would love a pink license!

We finally decided to buy the real version of CrazyTalk because we had so much fun with the trial version!

The Author said...

I'm so glad your aspiration went well and those results were negative. I've always wondered how to clean narrow vases and now I know.
I'll have to go read Daisy's hints to see if they will work on horses too.
Thanks for mentioning my blog and the fly predators.

Lin said...

I'm with you on the baseball trades. I lost my favorite cutie-pie pitcher last week. :( What were they thinking?????

Karen and Gerard said...

Daisy: Maybe some day Florida will decide to "go pink" too. I look forward to seeing more videos of you and Harley using Crazy Talk.

Mountain Woman: Thanks for your comments. Glad you will have clean vases now! Loved your fly predators story.

Lin: It's just obvious the Indians management/owners don't care about winning--it's all about the money. Today they gave away another decent pitcher for an unknown player--said to be determined!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Karen - what a great idea for the vases. I've never heard of that and now wonder what else I could use it for. THANKS!

Kathy said...

I can't believe I looked at the fly predator stuff. Yuck, yuck, and yuck!

I love the idea of a pink license, especially for Daisy. But I can see how men wouldn't like to take it out of their wallets. EVER.

I love your "Things I Learned" series, btw. You always find such an interesting array of stories.

y u l z said...

Enjoy reading this :)

Happy SITS Sharefest

The Bumbles said...

Thanks to Cleveland for Victor - he was one of the only ones being productive for the Sox over the weekend!

I hate to see teams tear down the walls and start all over again - it is so damaging - and I'm sure it is not the way they would prefer to do it. Especially a place with good history, support and recent success.

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