Sunday, August 9, 2009

Changing Churches Was Not Easy

I grew up in a the Brooklyn Christian & Missionary Alliance church where I was actively involved for 40+ years. It was the church Gerard and I got married in and where we attended for three years after we were married. I had strong ties to it but I was growing very discontent and was no longer enjoying my worship experience there for a number of reasons. I am not one to quit easily so changing churches was a big decision for me. Gerard and I felt it was time to move on and together find a church that we both liked.

In Cleveland, there are so many churches around. In fact, there is a United Methodist church just one street away from us on the corner. I never went church hunting before but looked forward to it, thinking it may be fun. Our old church was small so I didn’t think I’d want to go to a church that had close to 1,000 people attending on a Sunday morning. In spite of Parma Heights Baptist Church being that large, we started our hunt with that one because it was about a 10-minute drive and we knew some others who left our church attended there, including my sister’s family.

After the first Sunday, Gerard and I walked in the park discussing our experience there. We came up with a long list of things we liked and nothing we didn’t like so our church hunt ended. We just kept going back week after week. I’m glad we gave it a try and didn’t skip going just because it was way bigger than what we were used to. I had a preconceived idea that it would be hard to connect with people and get to know people, but that just wasn’t the case at all. (Tomorrow I’ll post what we liked.)


The Author said...

Changing churches is a huge decision. I actually changed denominations and that wasn't easy either. I think it takes courage to realize you are best able to find your way in another church.

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