Thursday, August 27, 2009

Encouragement From Joel Osteen

I know Joel Osteen is controversial. Many people disagree with his teaching and some don't even believe he's a true Christian, but I've heard him speak, read both his book, "Become A Better You" and his wife's book, "Love Your Life" and both Gerard and I like him and do believe he is a Christian. I subscribe to his devotionals through email and Monday-Friday they always encourage me. Here is an excerpt of one I got on Friday:


"Surely or only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life…"
(Psalm 23:6, AMP)
TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

God has a plan to take every adversity, every hardship you go through and use it–not to beat you down and make your life miserable. No, God's dream is to take that difficulty and supernaturally turn it around and use it to bring you good. He will use those tough times to bring you out stronger, more mature, and prepared for promotion! Goodness, mercy, and unfailing love are God's plan for you!

He also includes a suggested prayer and I've been writing down the ones I think are especially good in my favorite verse book. Yesterday's made my book which was as follows:

Father, in Heaven,

I choose to rejoice in you (sing, shout, clap, dance, spin around, skip along, keep a bounce in my step). I set my head, mind and emotions on you today knowing that you are faithful. I will sing of your mercies and goodness all the days of my life. In Jesus name, Amen

He's on Twitter and Facebook and has a blog at: where you can subscribe to his devotionals too!


Jen Chandler said...

It has always amazed me that when someone preaches good news, people go against them and call them hypocrites and liars. Isn't the gospel called the Good News?

That being said, I love Joel Osteen and I listen to his podcast almost every week. I find his messages both timely and encouraging.

Thank you for sharing this verse and prayer! It certainly brightened up my day.


Jude said...

I think Joel is great and I'm sure God does too. As far as I'm concerned no one has the right to judge anyone else because no one knows diddly squat to start with. Just because someone else doesn't believe the way I do it certainly doesn't make them wrong nor does it make the way I believe right if they do. Chin up Karen God loves you too.

The Author said...

Thanks Karen for sharing this passage and the information about Joel.
All I can say is faith walked me through the darkest hours of my life back into the light. Without it, I'd have been lost.

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