Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Need A Vacation To Recover From Vacation!

This week we are on a staycation. We stay at home and get some things taken care of like our annual Dr. checkup, scheduling Handyman Connection to fix up some things around the house, and get some car repairs done.

We also are helping with our church FOCUS sports camp. (FOCUS stands for "Focus On Christ Using Sports). We are both assistant basketball coaches and are enjoying it. Here is a link to a video of day 1 at sports camep that gives you an idea of all the different sports and all the kids we have coming.

Monday, I had what I thought was a mole but was a actually a cyst on the back of my shoulder removed.  It made me nervous--it was big and ugly. Our doctor referred me to one of his colleagues who cut it out very easily and quickly.  We didn't get home though until 2:00 and we were both very hungry because we couldn't eat until after the doctor appointment.   

Tuesday, it rained most of the morning so all our sports camp had to go inside the building. We managed the best we could but it was near as fun as if we could have stayed outside. The rain finally stopped and we did get out for the last hour.

Tuesday night we had a huge thunderstorm that scared our dog, Abby, who joined us on the bed. She was very afraid because of all the thunder and lightening.  When our power went off, our carbon monixide detectors screeched loudly, stressing out the cats and me!  I heard voices outside and someone pounding on our door yelling if we were inside.  We said yes and he said there were wires down in the back so stay inside.  I noticed our car was gone!  Our Kia was parked behind our van and I thought perhaps they rolled it out of the drive to get to the wires or something.  Anyhow, I panicked and called the police.  Gerard was still sleeping and I didn't want to worry him.  They came right away, but as soon as I hung up, I remember that Gerard took our car to the repair shop.  I asked him then if they were keeping our car overnight and he said they were so I called the police back and apologized for the false alarm.  (I don't think too clearly when I'm tired and want to be sleeping.)

Wednesday:  At least the rain stopped and we could be outside again for sports camp!  Our electric power was off for about 17 hours. When we got back from sports camp, this is what we found:

They had to trim some trees apparently and left branches in different yards.  I was glad to see they cleaned it all up though by the time we got back from the library.

Our ice cream was all melted. Gerard tried eating the Turkey Hill banana split kind but dropped it all over the floor when he was putting it away.  (I should have taken a picture, but didn't.  It was very sad at the time!) It looked like a milkshake in his bowl.  Our neighbors across the street still had power so one was kind enough to let me store our Chocolate Marshmallow ice cream in his freezer until our power came back on.  The worst though was not being able to get on the computer until late afternoon!

We are getting some nice walks in with Abby and doing some reading so it hasn't been all bad.  Sports camp is fun too.  Today is the last day.  Hopefully it will not rain.


The Author said...

Wow, Karen 17 hours without power. That's a long time!!! Glad you are all okay. Your story about calling the police reminded me of the time I couldn't find my car in a mall parking lot that was huge. I thought it was stolen, called the police and no sooner did I do that I found my car. I learned to always write down where I parked it from then on :-)

BeadedTail said...

You've had quite a week! What an eventful Staycation! I had a staycation last week and all I did was tear up old carpet. :(

Karen and Gerard said...

Mountain Woman: That parking lot memory lapse has happened to us too--twice now. It's a very sinking feeling.

Beaded Tail: Tearing up all the carpeting was a huge job. Good thing you were home to do it all. I enjoyed your cats report on your progress.

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