Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I Find Great New Blogs

By reading others comments on blogs I comment on is a great way to discover new blogs. Here are some I found this way that you should visit:
Lions, Tigers, & Boys
Lions, Tigers, and Boys, Oh My!

My first blog was on Personal News Network (PNN) and I have found some good ones through their Home page. Here are a few I like:
Mama Bear
Kimlink by Kimberly

I found many through Entrecard and I know many have found mine that way too.

Daisy the Curly Cat
Beaded Tail
The Junk Drawer
Comedy Plus
Red Pine Mountain
Serian Man
Check my Blogroll: Most of those were found through Entrecard.

Just recently joined The Secret's In The Sauce (SITS) and have found so many interesting blogs about family which I now follow. Here are a couple I found this way:

Better in Bulk
All In A Mom's Life
SITS has a roll call every day with over 300 people checking in. I keep wanting to just go through the list and visit all the blogs but so far just haven't had the time.

I also have found great pet posts/blogs through "Pet Pride". It's a Mr. Linky every week. You can leave a link to a post about your pet and check out other fun pet posts too. Here's some I found this way:

Bruce's Paws
The Creek Cats
Sassy Sasha

From other people's blog rolls:
I can't think of specific ones I found this way but know there were some.

Blot Net Awards
: The best about this site is that you can actually earn some money just by commenting and voting on the blogs or nominate some that you found.
Science Junkies
Feel free to stop by and vote for my other blog--"My Funny Dad, Harry"

Blos Show Off and Blog Catalog and Link Referral are other sources I haven't really used much.

The last way is to participate in forums and visit other people's blogs that way who leave comments you find interesting. Again, although I've done some of this it's rare that I spend much time on forums. There is life outside of the computer!

What is your favorite way to discover new blogs?


Daisy said...

I found your blog through Entrecard, too! I'm going to check out some of your other links.

Unknown said...

Wow Karen these are some awesome ideas, thank you!

God bless,

Sharkbytes said...

Nice list- I like many of those as well. I keep forgetting to come visit you, even though I know you are a friend of Ratty.

Sandee said...

I found you through Entrecard as well. What an honor to be mentioned as well. Thank you so much.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

great information "happy SITS saturday sharefest"

The Author said...

I found you through Entrecard and once in a great while I'll still browse through the new blogs but now I mostly depend on SITS and CMF to find new blogs. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I'm always learning something new.
Thanks for your great advice.

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