Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Abby's First Car Ride With Us

If you watched yesterday's video, you saw me trying to get Abby to stay on the floor next to me while I drove. Saturday, Gerard came along too and we all went to the park and had a great time! Abby loved it. I was curious as to if she would stay on the floor between the two front seats if Gerard was in the car too and could be petting her. She follows him everywhere and loves to be pet so I thought maybe she would stay. What do you think? Watch the video to find out:

Abby liked the park very much. She liked walking through the water, met several dogs, loved sniffing along the trail and went after a squirrel! Also, thanks to Abby, I got a new camera because I dropped my while holding her leash when she tried chasing after something unexpectedly. We were taking a water break and I was sitting down on the step of the drinking fountain when all of a sudden, she tried to take off! My digital camera fell and the lens hit the stone.

Off to Radio Shack in the afternoon to get another one. By the way, the protection plan had run out on my other camera but even if it hadn't, it would not have covered because it was dropped. This is the first picture I took with my new digital camera--Spunky hiding from Abby behind the chair. At least she stayed in the room when the dog came in. Manny ran off.My second picture was this one of Gerard giving Abby a big hug!


Sandee said...

They always win Karen, always. Our dog loves to look out the window. She also likes to sleep when we go for long rides. I'll have to check out Abby's new blog.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

I knew she'd win! They always do! Abby looks like she is so happy in her new home - I can see her smile!

Daisy said...

Abby looks like such a good traveler; I can see she stays real calm and relaxed inside the car.

magiceye said...

hey abby! good on you! glad you showed that you too had a right to ride on the seat! great to have you on board Pet Pride
am sure you will have lots of fun meeting others out here!


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