Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poor Brenda--A Very Upsetting Tribal Council!

I usually enjoy watching "Survivor" but this past week, I couldn't get over how mean Cochran, Dawn and Sherri voting out Brenda after she gave up time and dinner with her family so they all could spend time at a barbeque with theirs.  That just blew me away and I felt so sorry for Brenda, especially being betrayed by Dawn who she was constantly encouraging and who she even found her false teeth that she lost in the water.

Up till now, I was pulling for Cochran but no more.  Now I'm pulling for Eddie or Erik.  I'd love to see Eddie win since he was an underdog all the way with only an alliance of three, two of which have been gone for awhile.

Brenda was not only nice, but also did well in challenges and didn't complain.  Her mistake was assuming others were nice too, especially Dawn.  Brenda never should have let Dawn win that immunity challenge, but I'm sure the fact that Dawn was mad at her for giving up their barbeque weighed on her.  At the time Dawn won the challenge, I was happy for her because it sort of made up for the huge disappointment from earlier.  However, after "stabbing Brenda in the back," I really want Dawn gone!

This is just really sad how greed can make people act so mean.   I know it's a "game" but really this show shows how the love of money really is the root of all evil!  I like the players who manage to win without be cruel to others, and yes, there were some! 

Brenda, you would be a GREAT friend!  I would not have given away that reward, you earned it fair and square!

What did you think about last week's show?

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Sandee said...

Greed is pretty much the rule of the day anymore. It's all about me and that's why I don't watch these kind of shows. Waste of time for me. Give me a good book.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Karen and Gerard said...

Normally I can just see it as part of the game but this really bothered me that they were so ungrateful to her. She was a big threat because after that, who wouldn't vote for her if she made it to the end? That's why they did it--she was too well liked!

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