Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Never Know What I'll Find in Downtown Cleveland

 Last Friday while out at lunch I saw this:
Set of Abandoned Crutches

A pair of crutches was leaning against a trash can and no one was around that seemed to own them.  I wonder what happened and who would leave their crutches there like that.  Any ideas?

Later, on my late afternoon break, I saw one of these cute little furry critters walking on a leash! 
image source:  Wikipedia
 A lady was on her cell phone walking a ferret down the sidewalk.  I couldn't help but smile at it and she was nice and said I could pet it.  I did and it calmed me right down--and greatly improved my mood!  I was having a very busy but productive day and really needed a break so this was perfect!  It was later than when I usually go out and I normally don't walk down that street at break time.  It was cute and started crawling up my leg inside my pant leg but I didn't let it get too far.  It's neck was so tiny, I was surprised she found a collar to fit it.

Have you seen any interesting sights along your way recently?

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Sandee said...

Was there a doctors office near where the crutches were left? Perhaps the person didn't need them anymore. Odd though.

I'm glad that little critter made you smile and feel better.

Have a terrific day. ☺

BeadedTail said...

That is an odd place to leave crutches! How cute to see a ferret walking down the street! Wonder how it reacts to dogs that it meets.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Sandee: There's no doctor office nearby that I know of. However, one of my former attorneys I worked for has been on crutches for several months and goes out there sometimes, but I didn't see her around there.

Beaded Tail: I would think the girl would pick up the ferret if a dog came along.

Mari said...

What unusual things to see on a walk!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Lin said...

Oh wow--those are some weird things! I had a giant cow on my way to work, but they have since mooooved her. (hee! hee!) I miss her and my ride to work isn't half as much fun now that she is gone.

That's very weird about the crutches--maybe someone suddenly felt better???!

Kara said...

She was walking a ferret?! That had to be quite a sight! I'm glad it was friendly. And it obviously was used to going on walks like that. Thanks for the laugh! :D

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