Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Favorites! (Vlogging Workshop)

Do you like to watch Vlogs like this or would you prefer I just write out a post with pictures?

For those of you who don't have time to watch this 2-minute video or can't see it for some reason or other, here is a picture of my favorite purchase last month.

Wicker 4-pc Porch Furniture from Giant Eagle

Wicker table in Basement
 If you didn't watch the video, you'll have to go to "A Very Grumpy Puss" post by Manny to see the cats' favorite purchase in April.  You may find Gerard's review of the Best Friends magazine that he has on the table here interesting.

Visit Mama Kat's to find more Vlogs our join in with your own.

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Sandee said...

Your eye contact was awesome. Thank you. I felt like you were talking directly to me. As it should be. Excellent.

I can't remember what I purchased last month. Probably books. I'm pretty sure it was book. I got two really good ones last month. Six Years by Harlan Coben and Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner. The last book was my hands down favorite.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to all the babies. ☺

Jenny @ flutterbyechronicles said...

Your front porch furniture is very pretty. I love wicker.

We have just got a cat tree last year for my only cat and she absolutely loves it. Thinks she is queen of the castle when she is in it :)

BeadedTail said...

The cat tree looks perfect for Spunky and Manny! Glad Manny approved of the cushion for your lovely new porch set too! Our favorite purchase is the bathroom remodel even though we still need the vanity top but it's delayed two more weeks. :( Everything else is done and looks great though!

karene, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...
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Karen, author of MY FUNNY DAD, HARRY said...

Anonymous: I just delete your comments so please quit wasting your time and mine!

Sandee: Thanks, I really tried to improve on looking at the camera. I have a silly retake of my intro to my YouTube Channel that I haven't posted yet as an out-take.

My husband read TOUCH AND GO but I didn't yet. I think I will though.

Jenny: I think all cats enjoy cat trees, haven't heard of one who didn't yet. This is the first set of porch furniture I ever had!

Beaded Tail: Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I bet your bathroom looks great! My husband wants new linoleum in the kitchen but I keep putting it off.

Ann in the UP said...

I love all your purchases! The cat tree is terrific and I like your wicker summer furniture too. Perfect for relaxing on the porch!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Some great purchases, though I'd say the wicker furniture is my fave - can't really see myself in the cat tree, but I can see my self on the sofa! Tee Hee

Hope you're having a fun day :)

Your pal Snoopy :)

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