Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Our Library Has Relocated

Our Parma-Snow Cuyahoga County library was closed all last week because they had to move across the street to a temporary location shown above.  They are adding on so for over a year this is where we'll be getting our library books from.  They had a book drop box but got backed up having been off for a week.  People were complaining they were charged fines but the librarians were very nice and said they wouldn't collect any fines for books due last week.  I was surprised at how quickly they got everything moved and the computers working.  I was also surprised at how much space is here--there's a whole other side as big as what is shown in the picture that isn't even used!  We are excited about the new library that is scheduled to be built by next fall.

Do you have a library near you?  How often do you go?  We go every week!

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Steadfast Ahoy! said...

I've enjoyed libraries forever! Last summer, I was happy to join the historic library in Blue Hill, ME. This summer, I had to get a new card because I had misplaced mine over the winter. Being a seasonal resident lets me enjoy the video library, the free wifi, the ever-changing art exhibits, talks and presentations by various outstanding people, BESIDES the BOOKS! It's good to see libraries being vibrant and growing.

Ann in the UP said...

I love libraries, too. Good Guy goes in a couple times a week, but I've been downloading books from the Great Lakes digital library since I got my Nook.

I'm a regular Amazon used book customer, too. But I love the library for lots of other reasons.

Have you read Dewey? It's about a library cat---a really amazing kitty!

Sandee said...

I am a member of the Literary Guild so that's where I get my books. I've not been to a library in years.

Have a terrific day. :)

Rebecca said...

I used to go to the library several times a week, but I now get all my info from the computer. Our local library relocated a few years ago, and it isn't really a library all that much anymore. Today, it's filled with computers, a fireplace, tons of furniture, a little kids' play area, a coffee station/mini-restaurant, a puzzle and chess gaming area.... oh yah, a few shelves of books, too. :S It's too noisy there, now! I like being home, better.

BeadedTail said...

Is this day of e-books it's good to see libraries continuing to grow! Our library is really big too and we go quite frequently.

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