Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Questions For You--What Do You Think?


(1)  A few houses down the street from us is a yard with these pretty purple flowers. Our next door neighbor also has some like them in her backyard but she couldn’t tell me what kind they were. Do you know?

(2)  Gerard and I played checkers July 4th weekend and normally he wins. We haven’t played in a long time though so he was a little rusty and made some bad moves. Our first game was a draw, he won the second game, and I won the third. I think though, that I really won the first game too because near the end he did not jump when he could have and moved a different piece instead. I said I get his man for not jumping, but then he took back his move and jumped then. What do you think? Once you move and your hand comes off the piece, can you take back that move? I think not, but Gerard thinks you can in this situation because the rule is you have to jump. (He just ignores that part about taking the piece for not jumping.)

3)  While walking Abby, I noticed the location of the flag on this house and wondered how they got it up there. Do you think they stood on a ladder on the porch and reached up? Or do you think they climbed out of that second floor window onto the roof and reached down? I just wonder.
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Lin said...

Clematis. That's the plant. They like to be in the sun, but their feet in the shade. They like hostas around their feet sometimes. And you need a trellis. Check on the variety, but some have to be cut back each year and some are prone to wilt.

Once you make your move and remove your hand, your turn is over. And so is the first game once you call it a draw. Maybe you should move on to backgammon. I never heard the forced jump rule.

Ladder--from the bottom. They couldn't reach over the overhang to drill.

Mountain Woman said...

I can't help you with the plant but I see Lin did.

You can't take back your move once your hand leaves a piece and you are correct. Sorry Gerard.

They definitely used a ladder to hang the flag.

Sandee said...

I see the first question has been answered.

You won the first game too. Once the hand leaves the piece you cannot go back and make a different move. You were right here Karen.

Ladder definitely. Coming off the roof to do this looks really unsafe.

Have a terrific day. :)

Sharkbytes said...

The flower is a Clematis. I bet they use a ladder, but leave the flag up most of the time.

BeadedTail said...

I see Lin answered the first question. Our neighbor has those all around the balcony on their porch.

I think you won the first game too. Once he made his move and his hand came off the piece, his turn was over. It'd be nice if we could all go back and have re-dos if we missed something but nope, you won!

Ladder for sure!

Lynne said...

The only question I can answer is that the plant is clematis, one of my favorites.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I'm not sure about the name of that flower...but I literally typed in purple/yellow once...for a flower I took a photo of and found all sorts of images. I discovered it was a dark blue iris!!!

On the third one...I'm not sure how they got that flag up there...a ladder maybe? However, that house sure is cute!!!!

Love and hugs, Heather :)

Karen said...

Yes, it is clematis. I have two plants. One is the purple like in your picture. The other is fuschia. I love this plant.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Clematis is so beautiful. The funny thing about the plant is that it likes full sun, but the roots require full shade. If you put a rock at the base of the plant in a sunny area, it will do well.

I think if you take your hand off the checker, your turn is OVER, baby! lol

Regarding the flag, I think they had springy stuff attached to the soles of their sneakers, and they jumped up to hang it. Wasn't the Absent-Minded Professor from Ohio?

Holly @ Domestic Dork said...

Meh. They probably just used telekinesis to hang the flag. ;P

classycareergirl said...

I am with you on the checker rules. Once you move and your hand comes off, you can't take it back:)

Love that you notice the details in things like how they got the flag up on that house! I think they put a ladder on the porch and reached up :)

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