Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What’s With The Sirius Radio—Not Playing Again?

Gerard likes to listen to music or talk shows about sports as he cleans but lately his Sirius radio is not working well. First of all, it is supposed to face north to get the signal so we placed in on our dining room table in front of our big window. It worked pretty good there for a long time, but lately, it kept losing the signal and now it won’t even go on! I’m thinking there might be a problem with the outlet. We had a big storm and our power went off two days in a row. Since then the radio has not been working so we moved it to a different outlet in the living room.

Now the radio is farther away from the window sitting on top of our heat surge fireplace with the antennae facing towards our dining room window. It worked beautifully the first day, but the next day, it kept going on and off searching for a signal. By the third day, Gerard got so fed up with it that he turned it off and put on one of the music channels on Direct TV.

We just had Handyman Connection in to fix other things and now I have to call them again. I am so spoiled with modern conveniences and technology. We take things for granted but don’t realize how much until something doesn’t work right. We are still waiting to hear from the place repairing our electric lawn mower. Every time something breaks or does not work right, I always think of dad and how he would be able to fix it for us if he were still here. I’ll never forget him!

The good news is that I called Handyman Connection back again and apparently when they fixed the string light in the basement, they goofed up something and that's what caused our other outlets to not work. Anyhow, there was no charge for the second trip to fix the outlets!

Do you have Sirius radio? If so, how is your reception? Do you use it in your car? If you need something fixed or some home improvement project that you don't want to tackle yourself, call Handyman Connection--they stand by their work.
(This is not a paid post--I wish it were!)

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Daisy said...

We only have Sirius in my Mommeh's car. She is very excited because she just found out that on the Martha Stewart channel at 8:00 pm (when she drives home from work!) there is an hour-long radio show all about pets.

Ruthi said...

I don't have Sirius and I don't listen much to radio except when I am driving. And when I am driving I only listen to one station. But as usual... you have great information on the subject and great suggestions. thanks

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I don't have Sirius radio..When I listen to radio it's usually via a live-stream on the internet...an actual stereo radio, or the radio in the car. wow, I'm sorry you had all those difficulties..that stinks...but I'm glad you are getting things fixed!!!! I'd probably be lost without the internet..but I'm glad that I have it for the moment :) ): ) Love and hugs, Heather :)

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...
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Mountain Woman said...

We have Sirius radio in the car and we just ordered it for our house. I LOVE it and now that Directv dropped the XM satellite stations and added elevator muzak, I have to have it. Luckily, I have Mountain Man so I don't need a handyman. I'm glad you have the Handyman Connection. I used to have to use a similar service all the time.

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