Thursday, July 29, 2010

For A Work Day, It Was A Good Day

This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. --Psalm 118:24
I am still having "vacation lag." You know, wishing I did not have to go to work because I'd rather still be on vacation. Yesterday morning, I tried singing "This is The Day" to get me in a better frame of mind, and it helped. It seems as though some days are filled with hassles and a bunch of little things to do that sort of pile up. Yesterday was sort of like that, but at the end of the day, I felt good about how it went.

Taking care of business, paying my sales tax. Whenever I sell any of my author copies of my book, I have to go online and pay sales tax to the State of Ohio. It's kind of a pain and I usually put it off until the last few days. It seems like such a hassle for such a small amount. I owed a big $3.10 this time plus $1.00 for paying with a credit card. Anyhow, when I went to file, it said I had to call them to get a new password. Naturally, it was after business hours when I tried doing this so had to wait until the next day. Yesterday, I got my new password and was able to get this tedious task completed!

Making an impulse buy less damaging. This month for some unknown reason when I saw the email to upgrade my "My Life" membership to actually see the results for people I was looking for, a whole two, I did it. I really don't know what I was thinking other than I thought perhaps I might use my old high school contacts to promote my book. When I realized it cost $83 for the year, I was very angry with myself for getting sucked into this. I noticed in the very small print that if I canceled, any unused portion would not be refunded. After sending a couple emails with no response, I finally decided to give them a call yesterday and beg to at least change it to only three months which they did. The customer rep was very nice and understanding and said they would put through a refund of the difference in cost. I was relieved and happy about this!

Good news from the doctor. Then when I called my doctor's office for the results of my Ecko and blood tests, I got good news--"Normal" on the Ecko test and "Perfect" on the blood test. That's what I wanted to hear!

Surprise in the mail and reading enjoyment. It was a beautiful day and so that's always a good thing! I'm currently reading Echo Park by Michael Connelly and I got to a good part in it yesterday so read quite a bit. I also got a nice surprise when Gerard met me on the way home from the bus stop. He said I got a book but I didn't remember ordering any book. Then when I saw it was The Language God Talks I remembered that I had won that in a giveaway on someone's blog. I had to go back through my emails to find out who to let know it arrived.

Spunky Doodle quality time. I also got a new VISA credit card in the mail from Chase that I had no recollection of requesting and promptly called to cancel it. Spunky Doodle helped me make the call and laid next to the phone letting me pet her real nice. It helped keep me calm and I just love it when my cats come around letting me pet them like that.

In reflecting on my day, it was a very good day, especially for a work day! I got a lot accomplished, some good news and had nice relaxing time. What about you? Have you had a good day lately?  Do you have any tasks that you have been procrastinating on--get to them and you'll feel better!

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Lin said...

I don't mind a busy day if I can get a lot accomplished and off my to-do list. Sounds like you were very productive---and that kitty was a huge help!

I ironed like a cabillion things last night--all left over from my vacation laundry. Ugh. Well, at least it is over.

BeadedTail said...

Great news from your doctor! Glad to hear it! You did have several things to handle but a surprise book in the mail and time with Spunky Doodle certainly help make a great day!

We don't have sales tax in Oregon - yay!

Michelle said...

You must be a very fast learner because to me those 7 things are a lot to learn in a week. I learned a lot too (I didn't know any of these things)! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend :)

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