Saturday, July 3, 2010

Teaching Sunday School Is Such A Blessing!

I love teaching Sunday School, especially when I have such cooperative kids! For the summer our fifth graders are using “Dare To Be A Daniel” curriculum that focuses on purposing to obey God, preparing to be used by God, picking Godly friends for support, and pointing others to Jesus. In this series there are a lot of “challenges” to do through the week and supplemental videos and games to view online at

This is the third year I am using this and the first two years I it was like pulling teeth to get the boys to do the at-home stuff. As a teacher, I try to improve on lessons I’ve previously taught and learn from previous experiences. One of the things I tried this year is to compile all the handouts into a manual they can take home and am thrilled that they are bringing it back each week. This way if they miss, they can still stay caught up.

Last week the challenge was to spend time alone with God each day in prayer and scripture reading. I look forward to them beginning to share with each other the “daily specials” they found in God’s Word during the week. The challenge was to write down when your prayed or read the Bible during the week, trying to do it every day. Several are really making an effort to do the challenges and go online this year. I always do things along with my class and on this particular challenge, I was surprised to see how often through the day I do actually have one-on-one time with God. We also have nine verses to memorize and again, this class is really doing a good job as a whole keeping up with this. Of course, I already know them all, but it is a good review.

Sometimes classes go as planned and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes I am passionate about the lesson and sometimes I am not. Last week was a “perfect class.” Everything went as planned, the time flew by for all of us and the boys had things to share, and we had fun. We started in the jungle room on the floor sharing what we did through the week and played a fun Hollywood Square version of Tic-Tac-Toe to make the point that things become easier if we prepare ahead, memorize things and practice them.

With it being a beautiful day outside and having only seven boys there, we spent the Bible Study time outside in our church courtyard around a table. I love when we get to go outside during class and so do the boys! (I remember having devotions outside when I attended Beulah Beach camp as a kid and it was my favorite thing about camp! Sports was second.) We went back inside to watch a short DVD clip about training ahead and compared it to taking time to train spiritually by getting into God’s Word each day. I look forward to see how the boys did this week.

Here’s a challenge for you—try keeping an appointment with just God and you each day, spending time talking to him, pouring your heart out in prayer and reading the Bible so He can speak to you. Write down the times you spend with God through the day and the verses you read along with what you learned. By doing this, you will get to know God better! Feel free to share a “daily special” you found in the comments here. Let’s encourage each other!

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Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Oh I love this....and you are teaching those kidlets good habits that'll serve them well practically and definitely spiritually later on in life!!!! That's so cool.. Okay....I'll take your challenge and report back later this week!!! Happy 4th of July. Love and hugs, Heather :) :) :)

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