Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Day At Virginia Kendall Park Sure Beats Work!

Yesterday I took off work to join in the mystery outing with the boys in my Sunday School class. We went to Virginia Kendall park in search of the icebox cave but also played some games, had hot dogs, found a little snake, a chipmunk, a mouse, and had a great time hiking in the woods in between some huge rock formations.

It was call a "mystery" outing because the boys did not know where they were going which even adds to the fun. On the way back, we stopped at a great little country ice cream place that had about 20 different flavors. I had lemon which was very good!   Everyone had a fun time!

Did you ever go on a "mystery outing"?  

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citymouse said...

What a cool idea. I would love to surprise my gang with something like this. (I would also love to have a legitimate day off work!)

Stopping by from SITS.

Daisy said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like a wonderful day!

RuralUrbanDweller said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea! I love it. Looks like you had a great time. :o)

Sharkbytes said...

Impromptu hikes like that are so much fun!

Sandee said...

How fun Karen. Looks like they had a great time.

I've never been on a mystery outing, but back in the day I had a few mystery dates. Enough said.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

That looks like a really fun way to spend the day! I've never been on a mystery outing unless you count the times we just go out exploring with no destination in mind.

The Rantings of a Drama Queen's Mum said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. That looks fun. I love cats too.

The Author said...

Oh, what a lot of fun for all of you!!! The pictures were wonderful. No mystery outings for me :(

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