Monday, July 5, 2010

Red, White Day and Zoo Enrichment at The Cleveland Zoo

It is very hot today so we took along our water bottles and a book so we could sit in the shade and read along the way. It worked out well--neither of us got a headache or heat stroke. Above is a picture of us sitting in the shade by the giraffe exhibit catching a small breeze before we trekked on up to the wolves and bears. Normally we don't go when it is this hot but today was a special Red, White Day with animal enrichment special treats so we went.

The zookeepers prepared unflavored gelatin with grapes and raisins in it for the swamp monkeys. They went after the grapes mostly but the Wolf's Guenous monkeys weren't interested at all. It was sad but it still served for enrichment because they were very cautious and inquisitive.  I asked how they decide which animals get the special treats and was told they actually test them out to see their reactions and then have the ones with the best reactions get treats when the public can see them.  I was surprised that the Howler monkeys did not respond to the special treats because they are always active and vocal, but the girl said they ignored it and just played with each other.  They did not test the Wolf's Guenous monkeys ahead.  Now that is a job I would love!  Too bad I have no training for it. 

Below is the video of the swamp monkeys enjoying their treat and the lemurs. We missed seeing them get their treat and also did not hang around long enough to see the bears with the blocks of ice with fish and fruit inside but we did see that other years. Enjoy the video--it's cute.

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Sandee said...

Well that was quite entertaining. Not much manners for the last bunch, but it was cute.

Have a terrific day. :)

Lin said...

I couldn't watch it, Karen, I don't like monkeys!!! You know how some people don't like snakes?? I'm like that with monkeys--can't look at them. Ick. (I know, it's weird)

So, who took your photo??? Was it a monkey or a giraffe??

BeadedTail said...

The video was very cute! Those monkeys and lemurs are so smart to find the treats in that jello!

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