Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We Connect With Bears, What About You?

Here is a fun little quiz from blogthings that I couldn't resist. We both connect with the bear:

You Are a Bear

Like a bear, you are strong and confident. You don't second guess or doubt yourself. (G-true; K-true)

You are tough in the face of adversity. If anything, having a challenge sharpens your mind and senses. (G-true; K-true)

You are born to lead, and you have no trouble taking action when the time is right. You are very proactive. (G-?; K-?)

You are rough when you need to be, but you are rarely hard on those in your life. You are a caretaker. (G-true; (K-true)

You know a lot about healing and emphasize its importance. You know how to heal yourself and others. (G-?; K-?)

You take a lot of time for quiet, solitude, and rest. You don't exert yourself unless it's necessary. (G-false; K-true)

Find out what your spirit animal is and leave your description in the comments. Let's see how many different ones we can get!
What's Your Spirit Animal?


Rosemary Nickerson said...

I'm an Owl??????? hm

McGuffy Ann said...

This is interesting!

Sandee said...

I am a Hawk

Like the hawk, you are the messenger from the spiritual world. You're always encouraging people to be more spiritual.
You aren't necessarily religious, and you certainly don't push any dogma. You simply want others to find a deeper meaning in life.

You are sharp and focused. You can totally and completely clear your mind when you need to concentrate on something important.

You have the power to see the full picture of what is going on. You also tend to be good at predicting the future.

You don't always step up to be a leader, but you are willing to take the lead when the time is right. You wait for your time.
You have a broader perspective than those around you. Because of this perspective, you are willing to be patient and let things unfold.

The first paragraph is spot on. I'm not religious I'm spiritual. Just like hubby.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Sparkle said...

How interesting! I too am a Bear... but my human is a Crow (which is for the most part quite accurate!).

BeadedTail said...

I'm an owl and it's pretty dang true!

Like the owl, you are highly intuitive. You can trust your instincts above all else, and you listen to your inner guide. You can see what others don't or won't see. You see everyone for who they truly are, and that frightens them.

You are a natural lie detector. You can see past masks and facades. No one can hide from you. You have a quiet and gentle wisdom. You don't go around bragging about how smart or wise you are.

You are good at uncovering potential in yourself and others. You are a catalyst for positive growth and change. You have a lot of creative and dynamic energy. You are focused on all of the possibilities in life.

Ratty said...

I was a bear too.

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