Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Favorite Read for July: "Starters" and "Unlocked"

For July, we have a Science Fiction Young adult book and a Christian Fiction book.  Gerard's favorite read was "Starters" by Lissa Price which Karen liked very much too so we'll give you both our reviews of it here:

Starters by Lissa Price:  WOW!  You will meet Callie, a young girl whose parents are dead, and her 7-yr.-old brother, Tyler, is very sick.  Her only hope to get money is to rent her body out to old people to use.  She really doesn't want to do it but gives in to help her brother.  Everything goes fine at first, but then takes a turn for the worse!  I devoured this book in just two days; kept those pages turning to see what would happen next.  Can't wait for the second book to come out in December!
(Gerard's review)

Starters by Lissa Price takes place in the future but isn't too far out that it is unbelievable. After a war, people lived longer, 150 to 200 years old was common and Prime Destinations developed a way for old people to rent the body of a young person, usually a teen. I loved the idea of the old people getting a new body but keeping all their experience and knowledge. Callie decides to rent out her body for a big sum of money that would be enough to provide a home for her and her little brother who is also sickly. After three rentals, she'd get paid; however, the third rental didn't work quite right and she found herself in a terrible situation and is not sure who she can trust.

I enjoyed this book very much because of all the unexpected things that happen to Callie and the interesting concept. I thought it was a fun read and definitely recommend it! (Karen's review)

Since Gerard picked Starters as his favorite, I'll choose Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury as my favorite for July.  Here is my review of it:

 Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury is an inspirational and heartwarming read that I truly enjoyed!  It's a love story about an Autistic high school boy, Holden, with a kind heart and a high school girl who is kind to him and notices his interest in music.  I especially liked Holden's prayers and the faith He has.  He became Autistic (quirky and uncommunicative) when he was three years old and his parents feel as though they lost the real Holden and want him back!

This book deals with bullying, suicide, friendship and family struggles.  This is Christian fiction at its best, showing how Christians can make a difference! I highly recommend this one to teens and parents.

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