Friday, August 17, 2012

3 Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments is hosted my Half-Past Kissin' Time for bloggers to post a list of short things on their minds that aren't really enough for a whole post. Here we go:
  1. Laundry

    The Modern Mom gave a good tip this week on how to Keep Towels Colorful. She says to add 1 cup of salt to the washing machine the first time you wash your new towels and it will help them maintain the bright color for longer. She always has interesting tips! I tried using the staple remover one to keep the ring open while adding Abby's new Canine Citizen tag to her collection and it worked!
  2. Fun Night

    I took a vacation day yesterday to get a mammogram, take Abby to get groomed and help with our church picnic for all the VBS and Sports Camp families. I had a fun time running the baseball game. It was an inflatable sports game with a different sport on each side. The baseball side had holes they were supposed to try to bat or throw the plastic balls through. The tee had air blowing through which held the ball up in the air for them to hit. We gave tickets for all the games that the children could turn in for prizes. Only a few got the balls through the holes throwing, no one got any through hitting it. We gave a ticket for playing, getting the ball through the holes, and for collecting the balls for us after their turn was over. It was a challenge keeping the kids waiting and the little toddlers from getting hit with the bat but we were successful.
  3. Shopping Success

    On my day off yesterday, I did a bit of shopping and got a light bulb and a package of 7 pens with various ink colors--both items were buy one, get one free at Rite-Aid! The ink pens I will use for the inductive Bible Study I am starting on the book of Job.  The pop I actually went for isn't on sale until next week so got some Root Beer for my husband at Marc's--a 2 liter for 99 cents.  I got 20% off on my printer ink at Office Max and found a pencil case that goes in a 3-ring-binder to keep all those pens in!
Didn't learn much this week.

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Wayne W Smith said...

That indeed is an interesting tip.

viridian said...

But you did get a mammogram. I hate getting one myself but they are necessary for our health.

Lin said...

Running that game sounds CRAZY!! I'll bet you were exhausted after that day!!

I finally gave up on colored towels--we just have white now. I can bleach the bajeezes out of them, which is nice. For years we had colors, but the kids' medication for their skin kept bleaching them out and it was awful. Finally, I got wise and bought white.

I have a long learning curve!

traci's mixed bag said...

I do love sales, I tend to get most of my sales at CVS or at a store we have here called Fresh and Easy. They have online coupons like, get $5.00 off of a $25.00 bill. What a busy vacation day off and good for you for going in and doing something not very fun but necessary.

BeadedTail said...

Great tip about towels! Isn't it fun to get things on sale? The game sounds like fun too!

GB said...

I will have to try that with the towels. Is there a tip out there that makes a towel more absorbent? The upstairs guest towels as LB so politely stated are water resistors not absorbers.

Mrs4444 said...

I'd like to know why that tip works, and I love the idea of the staple puller helping keep those frustrating rings open!

Can't help but wonder how the mammogram went. Know that I'm thinking of you and praying for great results.

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