Sunday, August 12, 2012

Football is Back--My Thoughts on the Browns

Friday night I watched the first half of the Browns-Lions preseason game and was disappointed as the Browns had lots of penalties, and four injuries including one of our key receivers in just the first half.  They ended up with a total of six! They trailed at halftime and I had no hopes of them winning after what I'd seen. Then, today I look up the score and see they actually came from behind to win 19-17!

Once again our QB situation is up in the air. This year our rookie Quarterback is Weeden. He played the first quarter Friday night and ended it with an interception. I was not impressed with him, but like Colt McCoy. I really think Colt McCoy could become an excellent quarterback in the NFL and hopefully the Browns will stick with him. I suggest before the season starts that they focus on conditioning and learning the rules. The penalties really kill us!

I think people should be thankful for the replacement referees too and give them a break. I'm sure they will do their best and call things accurately--it beats no football, doesn't it?

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Mrs4444 said...

You make a good point, about the referees; that has to be one tough job!

Good luck to your Browns this year :)

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