Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guys Pizza vs. Casamel's (My Favorite)

Guy's Pizza on Ridge Rd. in Parma, Ohio
Casamel's Pizza on Broadview Road

After reading these two conflicting reports from friends on Facebook about Guys Pizza, we broke our Sunday lunch routine to try Guys Pizza to see for ourselves how it was.
Dawn wrote: "we have a Guys in Lakewood and it is very good :)"
Elly wrote: "We tried a giant pizza called The New Yorker. It was undercooked and lacked much flavor. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. They had a kazillion options, so maybe their other stuff is good, but it all looked expensive to me. I also ordered a small house salad for $3.99. For that much money, I thought the "small" wouldn't be quite so small. Their idea of a "salad" is romaine lettuce, tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and croutons, and the whole thing fit in the same sized container as a quarter pounder. I'm with you Karen Zemek. I won't be spending my money there again. Papa John's thin crust has them beat hands down."

Guys Pizza  is conveniently located between our church and our house so if we liked it better than Casamel's, we would be switching to get that every week.  It is a cute little shop with a big parking lot that you could pull out of at a light.  I noticed they had an old PacMan machine in the dining area--I used to like that game in my younger days.

I ordered a small thin crust grilled chicken pizza. I went with the small in case we didn't like it. It was okay but no "wow, this delicious" came to mind like it does when I eat Casamel's. It was only about only 8" in diameter so we each got three small slices which probably just slightly bigger than one of Casamel's medium slices.

I also ordered cinnamon sticks, since I knew we were getting small slices and would not be full with just the pizza. I didn't count them, but they were good and more than I expected. I liked the ones we got from Dominoes better.  These were 3-4 inches long, much shorter than bread sticks.

Gerard said it was okay, he has no preference. For me though, I definitely prefer our small neighborhood Casamel's and I'm sticking with it as our regular pizza place.

Here are my "pizza standings":
Papa Johns
Little Ceasar's
Donatos, the worst ever!

What's your favorite pizza place?  Do you have a small neighborhood one close to you?  Oh, and now after seeing "A Cat, A Man and a Pizza Box" at Sparkle's Sunday Catinee, Spunky Doodle wants me to save the pizza boxes for her!
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Beth Ann said...

Yummmmmmmm! Now I am hungry!

Sandee said...

I rarely eat pizza, but Round Table is the place to go here. It's the best pizza anywhere on the west coast.

Have a terrific day. :)

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