Monday, August 6, 2012

AWW Mondays and Monday Mischief: PJ Party

You're gone all day mom, I need time with you too!

I only got 3 ½ hours of sleep one night because our dog, Abby, kept me awake. I felt like I was at a pajama party! She sat by my side of the bed panting loudly and putting up her paw. I didn’t want her jumping up on the bed because of her arthritis in her knees and hips so pet her up and she calmed down. As soon as I stopped petting her though, she would start up again. She acted all nervous like when it’s storming, but the weather was clear. I don’t know what to make of this, other than she just wanted my attention because she wasn’t tired and I didn’t give her a belly rub before going to bed like I usually do.

My "thunder shirt"--Karen's not-so-bright idea

The day before, she had her usual walks and even an extra one in the evening which she normally doesn’t have. I thought for sure she’d sleep well, but nope, she did not even want to lay down, which she usually prefers to sitting. My hubby slept on, pretty much oblivious to what was going on. I tried putting one of my sleeveless shirts on her, thinking maybe it would serve as a “thunder shirt” and calm her down, but it didn’t work. It slid around and after about 20 minutes, I took it off. Around 3:00 I decided to try sleeping down on the floor with her. She did lay down then, letting me gently stroke her but I still couldn’t sleep. After about an hour of that, I went back on the bed and she stayed quietly on the floor till it was time to get up. By then, I had a hard time getting to sleep, knowing I had to get up in just an hour.

What a night! Abby was ready to go on her morning walk as usual and didn’t seem tired at all. This is unbelievable! I love you Abby, but I need my sleep!

Do your pets keep you awake?

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tubby3pug said...

We have PJ partys at our house, and most of us have PJs too.

urban hounds

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Karen, you're the best doggie mom! Abby's so lucky that you care for her as you do. I don't generally lose sleep to my cats, except on Saturdays when I want to sleep a little late. Their food clock forces me up on time, but then I can nap later, which I always get! I love me a good cat nap.

Daisy said...

Maybe you could try a ramp or pet steps for Abby! We had a kitty with arthritis years ago, and this allowed him to get up and down off the bed without stressing his joints.

bellasdogdiary said...

I think Abby was after another late night walk - she was showing you she was up, awake and ready! What a nice human you are to get on the floor for a cuddle. If that was what happened when I made a fuss, I'd fuss every night :-D *wag wag wag*

Karen said...

You poor thing. Is she used to sleeping on the bed? Time to make a ramp?

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

ours don't keep us awake but they are great at waking us up!
Maybe she was over stimulated from her Nursing Home visit?

Sandee said...

Awww...Abby is the perfect baby for Awww...Monday. I'm sorry she kept you up most of the night though. Our Little Bit hasn't done any of that to us.

Have a terrific Awww...Monday. :)

Lucky Lady said...

I only have cats and baby just curls up as close as she can get to me and sleeps I am glad your doggie was o.k. the next morning

Jody Joy said...

Abby is so beautiful, and great for today's Awww...Monday. I am sorry she kept you awake Karen, I have been there.

I hope you have a wonderful day and a very restful night :)

Breath Of Fresh Air said...

I could really relate to this post. Our border collie, who is ten years old, has developed a fear of thunder storms in the last few months. We've had a lot of those recently and my daughter spent most of one night holding him close. We're thinking about getting one of those thunder coats for him.

Abby is lucky to have such a loving mom.

Ann in the UP said...

i agree that you are a wonderful Abby Mom. I'm putting you up for the St. Francis Award. (which doesn't exist, as far as I know, but it should!)

Flea said...

Your poor darling. My babies jump in the tub when there's a storm. My baby boy behaves like yours some nights when there isn't a storm and I'm not sure why, so I put him in the bathroom on a comfy mat. And shut the door. Sometimes it's fireworks that trigger it. Or a car backfiring on the road nearby.

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

Hey Abby,

That was some good Mischief buddy!! Great idea to get a PJ party!! Yay :)

Wags to all

Your pal Snoopy :)

Colby said...

Every once in a while Stetson will have a wild dream and kick me in the face. Do you know what was keeping Abby up at night?

Lin said...

I think those thundershirts are tight fitting to calm the dog.

My kitties don't usually want to sleep with us, but when they do, they are good sleepers. They don't keep us up. BUT... I know the feeling because the kids did more than their share of wrecking havoc with my sleep!! I feel your pain, Karen!

Rebecca said...

Maybe she wasn't feeling well? Babies do that to their parents sometimes -- they won't sleep and cry when you put them down. It's usually because they are out of sorts. I read that when you pet a critter, the touch releases calming hormones into their bloodstream. Not sure if that is true, just what I read.

She's such a good dog, it's hard to see her uncomfortable. And it's no fun for you, either, lol! Hope she settles.

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