Thursday, August 2, 2012

It Comes Easy To Me (Writer's Workshop)

I decided to do this Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: Describe Something That Comes Easy To You

Can you guess? Here are the clues:

○ It is a useful skill.

○ I use it in the bedroom, the kitchen, upstairs and at work.

○ I use it when I blog, read, care for our pets, and shop.

○ It helps me be productive and efficient in whatever I do.

○ One tip I would give to someone who needs to have this in their life would be to have a place for everything and have everything in its place.

○ It begins with an “o.”

The answer is . . . organization. People often remark how organized I am, but it just comes naturally to me. I think it’s partly because I was raised in an orderly home, not that everything was always spotless, but we had routines and it was usually calm without much noise or drama.

So, what comes easy to you?

Today's Pet Olympic Events:
Counter Surfing ~
Discuss and Frisbee ~
Pole Jumping ~
Singles Stick Carry ~
Team Stick Carry ~

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Carissa said...

I like your set-up for this post, the guessing game. Great idea!

Sandee said...

Mine was the same when I was working. Since I don't work anymore I haven't a clue. Having fun. Yep, that will do.

Have a terrific day. :)

Melanie said...

I love organization, too. And lists. And crossing things off my list because I was organized enough to get it done.

carol daniels said...

I like how you made a riddle out of your "organization" skill. I also love to be organized, although paper is somewhat of a challenge. Do you have any tips?

Karen and Gerard said...

Carissa, thanks!

Sandee: Fun is good!

Melanie: I try not to have more than 3 or 4 additional things to do than my usual so just keep them in my head. I try to just plan on doing what I think I can fit in for a day.

Carol: Here's some paper tips for you:
Organizing paper tips:
1. Deal with mail each day--don't let it pile up. Toss what you don't want.
2. Put bills to pay in your checkbook in order that they are due and pay them at least twice a month.
3. Use a notebook and calendar at your computer instead of lots of separate notes all over.
4. Read magazines as they arrive and throw away or pass them along when done with them.
5. File receipts for tax deductions all in one place--I use a small expandable file and keep it in my secretary.
6. Have a file cabinet, or two, for medical records, pet records, warranties, etc.
7. Print out digital pictures you want to keep and put them into a photo album right away, or a frame for display.

BeadedTail said...

I'm organized in some areas but not in others. Of course our finances are all organized since my career is in accounting but filing away papers, forget it! Yuck!

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