Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wife v. Husband On Bed Making (Writer's Workshop)

Okay, does this bed look made to you? I think it’s made, but Gerard laughs and says I’m funny because I don't really make the bed. I think I do it as quickly and easily as possible by just straightening what is crooked and flattening out the crumpled things. Does it look good to you? It looks fine to me and it took less than a minute! Yup, all there.

But my wonderful husband says to do it properly, I should take everything off first and then put it all back on. This seems very unnecessary to me and takes three times as long as you can see from the video below. Even then, I have to adjust it to get the sides even or practically do it over because when he does it, he sometimes gets the bedspread on the wrong way and I have to redo it anyway—and then, I have to do it his long way!

I make the bed Monday through Friday and he sometimes does in on the weekend. Usually, I just make it as I walk around it on my way to the bathroom and then on my way to my closet. You see, every minutes counts for me because once my chores are done and I'm already for work, my extra minutes are spent on the computer before I leave and I want as much computer time as possible to visit and comment on blogs, do my link ups and maybe even a quick post.

Hope you enjoy the video where our dog cheers me on and supervises Gerard:

Gerard tells me most people do it his way. Since he was right about cleaning the trash can, he thinks he’ll be right about this too. So, how do you make the bed—my way or Gerard’s way? Please let us know in a comment.

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This is an old post I linked up to Mama Kat's Writers Workshop today that answers the prompt: Share a disagreement you're having with someone and let your readers be the judge.

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Karen said...

LOL I pull the covers up and plop the pillows on. Sorry Gerard.

Dapoppins said...

You two are so cute! I think Abby prefers the first way, I totally heard her agreeing with everything Karen said.

However, my son, who is 9 and can NOT EVER sleep in an unmade bed says you are both wrong...I offered to video him and we'll see if I can get him to let me post it.

Now, I remember making the bed at my Grandma's house and doing it more Gerard's way, sheet by sheet blanket by blanket, tucking and smoothing everything...and my Grandma said it was still wrong...and she was right, her made beds always did look better than mine, but I could never figure out the trick.

Personally, I only make my bed once a month, so, I don't trouble my self over it much.

You are clearly neater people than I am.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I fell asleep halfway through Gerard's version, haha!!!

I do mostly Karen's version, although I do fluff the pillows like Gerard did. But THAT'S IT! LOL

I'm usually in a hurry in the morning, too. My husband is much fussier about things than I am, but he doesn't make the bed at ALL. lol

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

This is hysterical. Karen, clearly you married a crazy person. Either that, or Gerard can't get the military out of him. Was he even in the military?

Now you tell him I said if he didn't toss everything on the floor like that, he'd never have screwed up the direction of the cat blanket and that he messed with something that wasn't broken and he should let you make the bed from now on.

Hey.... wait a minute.... maybe that was his plan? I imagine him sitting there watching all the comments roll in. At the right moment, he'll tell you "See? Everyone says I do it wrong, so YOU should make the bed now!"

I knew that Gerard was crafty....

Sandee said...

I'm with you on this one Karen. I think you made the bed very nicely. Works for me.

Have a terrific day. Scritches to all the babies. :)

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Karen I am TOTALLY with YOU!!!

yep the cats weren't "on right!!" lol

Your system is perfect for me!

Lin said...

I'm sort of between the two of you. I fluff the pillows and straighten and tuck like Gerard does, but I do not take everything off the bed. I think that pulls the covers out at the end of the bed and I don't like that.

I get the bed-making duties during the week and Joe does it on the weekends typically. We both make it the same way because Joe doesn't dare to do it any other way other than MY way! ;)

BeadedTail said...

I'm with you Karen! Why in the world does he need to take everything off unless he was totally changing sheets? He didn't even tuck the bottom in so the sheets could ride up at night and your feet would be cold. I think just covering everything up like you did is the way to go! That saves at least 2 minutes a day or 730 minutes a year!

Sparkle said...

My human's boyfriend makes the bed while she is still in it! Or at least his side of the bed. And he does it Karen's way (he could not do it Gerard's way with my human still in it). When my human gets up, she kind of tosses the covers up and that is about it. So on side is neat and the other is kind of messy. Guess which side we cats prefer sleeping on? I think my human was a cat in a past lifetime.

Ma said...

Karen's way:)

Literary Marie said...

You two are just the cutest!

The bed looks neat and made. Heck you do a better job than me, Karen. I just pull the comforter up, fluff and prop the pillows, and go about my day. Gerard, you'd have a fit if you saw my idea of making a bed. Sorry, but your way is just too time consuming. LOL

Kathy at Bliss Habits said...

You two are darling! I'm lucky if either of us make the bed ANYWAY... mostly mine looks un made!

Visiting from Mrs. 4444's -- Nice to meet you!!

mub said...

I've discovered that flat sheets aren't very popular in Europe so just shaking out the duvet and spreading it over the bed is about the extent of my bedmaking these days *L*

Barbara said...

I just straighten out the covers and call it day! There is no need to take everything off! Sorry! ;)

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