Thursday, April 28, 2011

If My Mom Were A Blogger (Writer's Workshop)

I don’t know if my mom would have blogged or not if she learned how to use a computer, but if she did, these are probably the topics she would have blogged about:

Weight Loss
TV Soap Operas
Cleveland Indians
Raising Kids/family
Church activities
Words of Wisdom

Her blog would be pet free, few pictures and probably humorous. I know she would have enjoyed reading blogs especially from other countries because she always liked books about foreign cultures.

She would have loved the interaction with other bloggers just like I do, I’m sure. I think she would have been great at it and loved it. Since one of her dreams was to be an author and write a novel or soap opera, I bet she would use her blog to write a continuing story each day. It would have been fun to share this interest with her!

I think her blog roll would include book blogs, inspirational blogs, family blogs and humor blogs. Perhaps a sports blog or two as well. I would like to see what her blog(s) would be like.

This post was inspired by Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop prompt: “If your mom were a blogger . . .”

Does your mom or dad blog? If so, please feel free to leave a link. What do you think your mom would blog about?

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Kathy said...

What a cool topic. Your mom had such varied interests, she would have made a great blogger no doubt.

My mom never "took" to the computer when I bought one for her and my dad 15 years ago. Dad loves it, spends a good deal of time reading news and sports sites, general research and poking around, and playing games on it.

My mother is still an avid book reader. She reads often and has no need for anything electronic that beeps! If she did blog, I bet she'd have a book club blog.

*The Old Geezer said...

My mom and dad would have never of even owned a computer! If they were alive today they would think I was nuts to have a blog. And they would probably be right :-)

Jessica said...

Sounds like she would have had a great blog and enjoyed doing it.

Sandee said...

And I bet if she had a blog I'd be one of her readers. I'm sure of it.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

BeadedTail said...

If you mom had been a blogger, I would have enjoyed reading it! My mom reads mine but that's about all the blogging she does.

Ann in the UP said...

I think I would have loved your Mom and would have read her blog every single day!

Anne said...

Your Mom sounds like a wonderful and versatile person. I bet she'd have created a great blog.. anything with the Clevland Indians and soap operas too would be fun to read:)

Daisy said...

My Mommeh's grandma would have LOVED reading about me through my blog. We used to send her pictures and such in the mail because she was a huge cat lover. Your mom looks so happy and nice!

Karen and Gerard said...

By the time my dad got a computer, it was too hard for him to learn it because of his bad eyesight, deafness, arthritis and numbness in his fingers. I never realized he had so many problems until I tried teaching him how to use the computer. My mom died before getting one so really don't know if she would have liked it or not--I think she would have though.

The Old Geezer:
You're not nuts, I love visiting your blog!

Jessica: I think so too!

Thanks for taking time to comment. I think you would have loved my mom!

Beaded Tail:
Does your mom read any other blogs besides yours? That's nice she reads yours though.

Ann in the Up:
Thanks for your very kind words. I think you would have loved my mom too! She was a very nice person and smart too! I really think her blog would have been a hit!

This is a versatile blog, hope you like it! My mom really had a good understanding of people too though so could connect well--better than I do.

I'm sure she would have loved your blog--who wouldn't? It's such a unique and interesting blog you have there. My husband and I both love reading it every day (even if we don't comment all the time.) Of course, our cats look to you and Harley as their blogging role models! Spunky and Manny both like visiting your blog with me.

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