Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ever Wanted To Try Something But Afraid Of Looking Foolish?

I used to love playing catch in the backyard with my brother. We would take turns pitching and catching, pretending we were part of a game and sometimes threw the ball over the pitcher’s head for a hit. It was fun! As a kid I would have loved to try one of those speed machines that measure how fast you throw, but don’t remember ever seeing one then.

I am always tempted to give it a try now though when I see one, but there are always people around. I’m afraid of looking foolish and only throwing about 30 mph, if that. Last summer there was one at the Science Center but several boys were around it so I just watched for a bit and moved along with Gerard. When we went to the Indians-Red Sox game last week, I passed up another opportunity. Again, too many boys doing it. One of these days though, I’m going to do it!

What about you? Is there something you would like to try but haven’t yet? If so, why not?


Sandee said...

I can't think of anything. No one has ever called me bashful, so I just jump right in and do whatever I want. I learned to laugh at myself long ago. I laugh at myself often.

Have a terrific day. :)

BeadedTail said...

I'd like to try to snow ski again. I tried it once as a kid and fell all the way down the mountain and was so embarassed I never tried it again. I would like to think I could do it if I tried hard enough!

*The Old Geezer said...

There are tons of things I would like to try but my old body won't cooperate with my brain.

I have hit pitching machines before and it's fun :-)

You can do it :-)

Homestay Mama said...

I'm not the athletic type, so the closest thing I can think of is riding a bike. I'm sure an old grey-haired lady (me) riding a bike on our street would make all my neighbors laugh!

Karen and Gerard said...

I never learned to laugh at myself--always the serious one when it comes to my expectations for myself.

Beaded Tail:
Skiing, huh? I never tried that but was never any good at roller skating.

Old Geezer:
I will definitely give the pitching thing a try.

Homestay Mama:
I'm sure no one would laugh if you rode a bike. I see old people riding bikes and think "good for you."

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