Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did Anyone Else Watch "The Killing"?

On Sunday night on AMC they premiered a new series called "The Killing," showing two episodes back to back. I thought it was soooo GOOD! The premise is a teenage girl is found in a locked car on the bottom of the lake. She was still alive when she went into the lake. The car is one of many belonging to a councilman who is running for Mayor. The lead detective, a woman, is just fantastic in her role! Her co-detective is good too! There is a lot of suspense. I found it gripping! If you get a chance, watch it!

Karen was on the computer so didn't watch it, but I kept telling her good it was so maybe she'll watch it with me next week. What did you think of this?  What shows do you like to watch?

We are taping this series on Sundays, 10 p.m. Eastern time, on AMC.    

(There were very few commercials too--another plus!)


Sandee said...

We don't have television so we don't watch anything.

Glad you enjoyed the show. :)

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