Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun Day At The Ballpark In April Gives Me High Hopes!

It sure doesn’t feel like baseball weather and I was glad I didn’t have to play, I got two free tickets from work and we both took off last Thursday for the Indians-Red Sox noon game.  Although the sky was gray the entire day, at least it didn’t rain.  Temperatures did not get up as high as was originally predicted so we wore layers for the 37-38 degrees.  It was great that we had the Club seats where we could sit in the lounge area to warm up and eat as much as we wanted for free since the cost of food was included in the ticket price. 

After eating lunch, we checked out our seats which were along the first base line close to home plate.  I really think these are the best seats in the park!  I couldn’t believe the guys in front of us were drinking cold beer and a few more rows away were a couple of girls eating ice cream!  We drank hot chocolate which helped warm us up!  In addition, we also got $5 to spend at a concession stand or souvenir stand so during the game we walked around and found some bakery.  I got a delicious fudge brownie and Gerard got four big cookies.  We were both pleased with our hunt!

Upon return to our seats, we saw that another couple were sitting in them.  There were a lot of empty seats and we easily could have sat somewhere else, but I preferred to stand.  I could move around more to try to stay warm.  Gerard was very disappointed the Red Sox not only lost, but are now 0-6 to start the season!  I was ecstatic that the Indians swept Boston!  It was very exciting to see the tribe sweep Boston in their first home stand of the season. 

The game was a pitcher’s dual with a couple threats to score on both sides until the 8th inning when the Indians finally scored a run on a suicide squeeze bunt!  The Indians looked good—Carmona pitched great and there were no errors!  I was very impressed with Cabrera at second.  Gerard took a picture of me and the Slider statue on the way out.  Maybe we’ll do this again next month when Boston returns for another noon game—maybe it will actually be baseball weather by then too and I will have ice cream instead of hot chocolate! 

On our way to the bus stop, Gerard even said, “I guess I could be an Indians fan this year!”  Wahoo!

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Lin said...

Isn't it great to be back at the ballpark?? We went yesterday and sat out in 85 degree weather. It was glorious!! I see the Indians are doing well these days.

BeadedTail said...

I so miss being close to a ballpark! It sounds like you had a great time even though it was chilly and yay for Gerard rooting for the Indians! We're Rockies fans since we lived in CO and used to go Coors Field quite a bit and they are doing well this year too!

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I sooooooooooooooooooo miss JACOBS FIELD!!! ( I know it is Progressive Field but in my mind it will ALWAYS be Jacobs Field!!)

YAY SLIDER!!!! Looks like they changed his "head" since I last saw him! My ex and I used to have season tickets in the late 90s and I always used to punch Slider in the stomach (for fun)...he was such a riot!

Waaaay to go Tribe on being in first place!

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