Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Remember The Trolls

We are the Troll Family!

This is my little troll family but I am missing two of the little brothers: Blackie and Greenie and their little pet gray mouse with red whiskers.  They were the same size as the little one in the middle with the straight orange hair.  They must have been kidnapped! The tall green one with the red hair was the mother, the black haired one the father (because my dad had black hair), the two teen boys: the bushy white haired one and the long thin green haired one. Shows how naive and innocent I was. I don't recall what the big attraction was, but I liked the different colored hair that you could play around with and pet.  The two little ones with the clothes in front were the grandparents!

Here is the thread on Facebook that prompted this post so here you go, Sara:

Heather: My mom told me about those dolls. When I was in school, we had pencils with a little troll doll on the end. We'd do the hair up like your mini here...and then we'd roll the pencil really fast between o ur hands to make the hair go crazy :) :)
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Sara: I had forgotten about them until my friend, Barbara, reminded me. I had them with all different color hair. Wish I knew where they were now. I used to like to braid their hair. Love the idea of them on a pencil.
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Lori: Funny I was just thinking back to those dolls the other day. They were weird little naked things but every one wanted one.
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Sara: They were definitely fun.
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Karen: I still have my trolls!
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Sara: Karen, share them on your FB page or your blog so I can see them please!
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Karen: Okay, I'll do a post about them soon. Thanks for the idea.
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What childhood toys do you still have? I have quite a few! I always thought I would save them for when I had children but that never happened.


Mountain Woman said...

Oh, what fun to see your trolls!!! I wish I could find mine. Glad you decided to share your photos. They bring back memories.

I still have and also collect children's books.

Ann in the UP said...

Trolls----and I thought they were the people from the lower peninsula of Michigan. I'm amazed and Impressed that you still have most of your collection intact! The only toy we have remaining from childhood is my husband's dear old teddy bear.

Lin said...

I still have a troll doll up in the attic with my other "treasures". I saved my Barbies for my daughter, but when I got them out they were sort of icky and smelly. Apparently that plastic doesn't fair too well over the years. It was sort of sad.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I used to love those trolls. I had a number of them. I used to braid their hair lol. They were also called "Wishniks"....

I think all I have floating around is an old Barbie, maybe a Midge (remember her?) and possibly a Chatty Cathy (minus the "chat", my brother ripped her cord out)

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Mountain Woman:
Thanks for the post idea--it seems to be a hit! We should compare our childrens book collection--I have quite a few. I gave a couple as gifts to my nephews. My oldest one is Peter Pan. I was actually in a child's reading club as a kid--enrolled by my mother, of course. Some of those are fun to read now though. I just re-read and did a book review on "Cat In The Hat" recently.

Ann in the Up:
I always took care of my things and thought the trolls were kind of cute. I had them on my secretary for many years until one day Gerard asked if I could get rid of some of my stuff to make his dusting easier. I packed my trolls up in a little box and moved them to the basement--all for Gerard!

I have a few stuffed animals from my childhood too! A big turtle named Zippy, two monkeys, Bobo and Baba. I think that's it. I know the Rory raccoon, Donald duck, little Leo lion and Sammy Snake all died.

We had Barbies and a Ken doll with the dream house and the car but gave it away to one of our younger neighbors. We had a lot of fun with them though. I was always Ken. Too bad they didn't survive your attic well. At least your troll doll made it, right?

Cat Chat:
That's right, I forgot they were called Wishniks. Yeah, I remember Barbie and Midge. We had Barbie and Ken dolls and my neighbor had Midge (I think).

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