Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who Has Significantly Impacted The Course Of Your Life Other Than Family?

Here are the six people who have significantly impacted the course of my life:

Michelle (left front), Pam (back right) and John (right front), the three foster kids that my parents took in and raised as their own. Because they came, my life was enriched. Because of them, I became compassionate and developed empathy. They showed me not everyone was as fortunate as I and they caused me to appreciate my parents even more. Had I been an only child, I would have been more sheltered and missed out on having our house being the neighborhood meeting place. Had they not joined our family, I probably would have had way more stuff than I needed but no one to share it with. We had a lot of fun together and without them in my life, I would have been very lonely, I’m sure. They helped me relax and have fun and not be so serious all the time. (Technically, they may be considered family, but they weren’t when they first came, so I’m counting them here.)

 Here we are all grown up:  Michelle (Cancer survivor), me, Pam, and John

The one couple who comes to my mind right away is George (R.I.P.) and Ginny H. They were youth directors when I was a teenager and inspired me to do that too. They both had a heart for youth as well as children and I admired and respect them so much. They often had the youth over to their home for parties and picnics and I loved it. They were the ones who really got me into reading and memorizing the Bible too by encouraging me to participate in Bible quizzing against other churches in our denomination. They were my role models in developing my youth ministry for years.

Luther S. (R.I.P.) definitely made an impact by convincing me I should get married. He was quite a character who became a Christian later in life. He was kind of a grandfatherly type but he really got me thinking when he told me, “You should get married. You don’t want to grow old all alone.” I decided he was right.

There are a number of authors of books I’ve read that have made a significant impact on me.  Here is the list (click the links to see my reviews):

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Become A Better You by Joel Osteen

Love Your Life by Victoria Osteen

Living Beyond Yourself (The Fruit Of The Spirit Bible study) by Beth Moore

One Simple Act--Discovering The Power Of Generosity by Debbie Mecomber

The Listener--What If You Could Hear What God Hears? by Terri Blackstock

Who has significantly impacted the course of your life (other than family)?
(Inspired by One Simple Act Made Quite An Impact)

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