Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guard Your Thoughts

 In choosing my favorite read for October, this one came close simply because I learned so many interesting things from it. Who Switched Off My Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf was a real eye-opener for me. The beginning read like a textbook but to me it was pretty fascinating to learn how the brain works and how interrelated our thoughts are to our emotions and our physical health. God has told us in His word what things to think about and this book presents some scientific research that explains why, supporting. Did you know the heart is more than just a pump to circulate blood? It works closely with the mind! I found this to be a fascinating read and it has definitely made me more aware of my thoughts. Yesterday, the devotional from Joel and Victoria Osteen was on this very subject. Below is an excerpt from it.

Romans 12:2—“. . . be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

The scripture tells us that we shouldn’t follow the pattern of the world. What is the pattern of the world? It’s the constant striving to do more, be more and have more that only leads to weariness, emptiness and frustration. That’s not what God intends! Instead, focus your thoughts on the Word of God because when you make the Word your number one focus, something supernatural takes place.

Only you can control the doorway to your mind. Nobody can do this for you. You choose what you meditate on and what you set before your eyes.

This post is long enough so I’ll save the rest for another time which will include my little brain quiz. What kind of thoughts are in your brain? I hope you focus on positive ones and let the negative ones go. I highly recommend you read this book if you want to learn more about controlling your toxic thoughts and your emotions which negatively affect your health.

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cj'alhafiz said...

Hi Gerard..Hi Karen....
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BeadedTail said...

This book does sound fascinating! I've been trying to think more positively and feel that it does affect my well being. It's not always easy to keep the negative thoughts away though!

Mountain Woman said...

Thanks so much for the review. I have to read this one. I do believe in the power of positive thinking and I love the way you shared the Bible verse. Thank you.

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