Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Having A Book Giveaway For "My Funny Dad, Harry"

If you like reading my blog, I'm pretty sure you would also like the book I wrote in memory of my dad.  

I am having giving away two autographed copies along with a DVD to followers of my other blogs: "My Funny Dad, Harry" and "Grab A Book" From Our Stack." All you do to enter is just leave a comment on either or both of those posts. If you don't follow either of those yet, feel free to start and go ahead and enter the giveaway. Hopefully while you're there, you'll take a little time to poke around and see what all is there. I share how our relationship changed as he got older and I became his primary caregiver. It's a book about love of family, including his cats, the funny things he did, and how God helped me through the hard months following his death.

I hope someone would like to get this!

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Rebecca said...

I already have a copy, but I'd love to have an autographed one!! :D The book would make a great gift... although I'm kind of selfish and would probably keep the autographed one for myself, hee hee.

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