Friday, November 26, 2010

6 Things I Learned This Week #97 (shopping, Kindle, winners, bodies)

Publish Your Blog On Kindle

Over at The Old Geek, she explains "How To Publish Your Blog To Amazon Kindle." This is something I plan to do "some day." You have to load a screen shot of your blog and header so that's why I'm putting it off. This is something I want to get to one day though.

Over at Worth's World: Black Friday Every Day I found out about It has big sales every day with free shipping! This may definitely be worth looking into!

Best Customer

Last Sunday, when my husband went to pick up our pizza from Casamels for lunch, the owner told him we were their best customer! We get it every Sunday unless we go somewhere and aren't home. Even then, we will generally get it on Saturday instead. Whose best customer are you?

I Won 3 Things!

This week I found out I won twice from the Blog Jog Day event: (1) Happiness Is . . . from Barb and Creative Barbwire and (2) a surprise two-part gift from Rambles & Randomness from my visit on Blog Jog Day where she had three scenarios and you had to choose the one that really happened.  I thought it was a cute idea so included the link here in case you wanted to see if you could guess right. I was the only one to get it right so won!

Chinese Law

There is a law in China that says that unclaimed dead bodies must be donated to science. There is an exhibit with dead bodies that I'll be doing a post about this week--watch for it, it's gross! Check out
if you don't believe me our can't wait to find out more! 

Collage For Blog Header

I am so pleased that I finally figured out how to get my blog header on here the way I wanted, with pictures of all of us and the blog title! I even made a "how-to" video showing how to make a collage using Photobucket.

Click for more fragments.

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Daisy said...

Your new header came out great! Our mom and dad saw that Bodies exhibition when it was in our area; they said it was fascinating.

Mrs4444 said...

The new header looks awesome :) Thanks so much for the kindle reference! I will definitely check that out. I'd also be happy to do yours for you or walk you through it. Let me know...

A long time ago, the hubs and I visited a cooler in which the bodies of st. Louis skid row homeless people hung from hooks in the ceiling, inside plastic bags. We were told that, if not claimed within 30days, the College of Chiropractic would be allowed to use them for dissection. Needless to say, it was disturbing....

Doreen McGettigan said...

Dead bodies..ugghhh..but yes interesting.
I love your new header it looks great!
I will be moving into a new blog author's blog..I'm excited; I think.
I hope you had a relaxing Holiday and good luck with the Kindle thing I have no clue I need serious help when it comes to stuff like that!

BeadedTail said...

Your new header turned out really good! I enjoyed your video of how to do it too - I think I can even do it now!

I didn't know that about unclaimed bodies in China. Hmmm!

Ann in the UP said...

Well, Karen, thanks to you I might have learned ONE thing this week! I can't wait to try using your cool tips about making a new header with Photobucket!

Well done! Now we'll see if I can follow directions....


The unclaimed dead bodies blog sounds interesting. I think? :-)


Rebecca said...

Thanks for the mention. I love, too! I promote them every chance I get (and they also pay me to mention them, sometimes). I have never been dissatisfied with them, and I order a LOT of stuff from them!

I do have a tutorial on how to take a screenshot of your blog, too. :D On the same blog,

Wow! You won 3 things! Congrats!

Mountain Woman said...

I have my blog on Kindle. It's super simple to do and Amazon walks you right through the entire process. I know you won't have any problems.

Congratulations on your win!

As to the dead bodies, seems like a good idea. My husband was an organ donor and I get great comfort knowing somewhere out there someone has benefited from his death.

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