Monday, November 1, 2010

One Simple Act Made Quite An Impact

 (Me at Beulah Beach-1964, age 10)

On Facebook this week, Ryan M. said I am one of six people other than family who significantly impacted his life. It made me feel so good when I read this. I remember the very nice thank-you note he sent to me when he returned from a week at Beulah Beach Camp. I have personally been involved both as a camper and as a counselor at Beulah Beach in the past and know what a tremendous impact it can have so like to sponsor kids to go there. Ryan was in high school at the time and was very brave to go alone. Here is what he wrote about it on Facebook:

Karen: We don't even really know each other, but she single handedly changed the entire course of my life. One random act of kindness to sponsor me to go on a simple trip set off a chain of events that continue to impact me. Because of the people I met on that trip - which I never would have taken had she not randomly and anonymously sponsored - resulted in me meeting friends for life, finding the school I would attend (which would allow me to meet Tom, see above), and my potential mate. Quite an impact."

This got me thinking of the people other than family who have significantly impacted my life and I thought I would write about them in another post. Although some have gone to be with the Lord, others are still living and it may make them feel good to know they have made a significant impact on my life.

You don't always get to know what God will do with one simple act of kindness shown someone or what it will mean to them. It sure is nice though when you do get to know about it.  Thanks, Ryan, for letting me know! Keep showing kindness to others. I try to do a kind deed for someone every day, some days, even more than one!  I like to surprise people.

Debbie Mecomber's book, One Simple Act--Discovering The Power Of Generosity is all about impacting others through generosity.  (click the link to se my review of it.)  It's a great book!  I highly recommend it!

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Joyce said...

This was so sweet to read!

BeadedTail said...

How wonderful to hear from Ryan and how one act of kindness can impact someone so much! I read that book recently and was inspired too. Thanks for telling me about it!

Rebecca said...

Kindness is SO SO powerful. Just so powerful. The world is so mean, so cruel. But kindness is God's love shining out in generosity and love. I love it when people call it a "random act of kindness." How wonderful that kindness can be so random!!

"They will know you are My disciples, by the love you have for each other..." :)

Mountain Woman said...

Oh, Karen, how absolutely wonderful. This is a fabulous reminder of how powerful simple acts of kindness can be.

Mrs4444 said...

That's terrific! I love that you helped her get to camp. I try to donate a little extra each time I sent my own kids, but gosh, it's getting so expensive!! I have very fond memories of camp, and I might have to go blog about that now. :)

Thanks for linking up :)

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