Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Poor Birdie

When I got to work a couple weeks ago on Thursday, I saw a little sparrow in the lobby by the window, trying to fly through it to get out. It didn't work very well. I watched it for awhile, feeling sorry for it and tried to pick it up to take it outside, but it kept fluttering and I didn't want to scare it too much to make it fly farther into the building. I told the concierge and he called someone to take care of it. I waited with the bird, watching it for about 20 minutes but had to leave to get to work on time.

I knew how the bird should go, but couldn't get it's attention. I doubt if it trusted me much either. It reminded me of how God must feel when we insist on doing things our way instead of His way. We are like that little bird, banging persistently against the glass instead of going through the doors that God has for us. To me it makes a lot of sense to trust God completely because He is so much wiser and knows the best way for us to go. He sees the big picture and knows the future. I find great comfort in knowing my life is in His hands.

What about you? Have you surrendered control of your life to God? I guess this is on my mind after reading "Flight to Heaven" by Captain Dale Black, the lone survivor of a plane crash who was in critical condition but recovered enough to fly again just a year later. Check out my review at Grab A Book From Our Stack.

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Lin said...

I was gonna tell you that the best way to get the bird is to throw a towel over it. It stops it from fluttering about and you can safely get it out without scaring it. But that doesn't go so well with your point. I don't think you can throw a towel over your relationship with God, right? (I'm sure some try!) ;)

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