Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet Me On Monday by Karen

Here's the questions for this meme hosted by Never Growing Old to help our readers get to know us better so sometimes we'll post it on this blog, and sometimes on our book blog.

1. Do you sleep with a night light on?
No, sometimes I even pull the covers over my head!

2. What do you drink with dinner?
The V8 Fusion fruit/vegetable drink.

3. Do you play the lottery? If so, how often?
Neither of us ever played it even once. We have entered office pools for the March Madness brackets and football (but not this season). I enjoy watching football on Sundays much more now that I don't lose my money on it.

4. How often do you go to the grocery store?
Once a week.

5. Would you rather travel back in time 500 years or travel forward 500 years?
Ahead, because I would miss the modern conveniences and technology terribly if I went back in time!

Here's a bonus:  I'm a featured blogger this week over at Naivaze. Check it out to learn more about me.

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Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I second you on the loss of technology. Just the lack of electric lighting would be major.... If my eyesight was better, candlelight would work but at this point I would be doing everything by feel....

Thanks for stopping by!

Carol said...

I LOVE V8 Fusion!!!!

Teresa Dawn said...

Oh I'm the same at night, I cover up the clock because the numbers are too bright haha! I could never sleep with a light on!

kalea_kane said...

Great answers. I definitely have been known to burrow under the covers to stay in the dark. :) Have a wonderful week!

Barbara B said...

Thanks for the follow, following you back.

Jo-anne Blossy said...

I know what you mean about missing the modern conveniences I would miss them too.

Carrie @carrieloves said...

I would definitely miss the modern technologies, too!

Joyce said...

I'd definitely miss the modern conveniences of painless dentistry and medical care in this century. Even though its a controversial subject these days I think we can all agree its much improved over the way it was 500 years ago : )

Jacalyn @ said...

Well I didn't even think about technology! It's funny because when I grew up in the 70's there was not much technology. Heck, we only received about 6 TV channels, ha! Now with my own children everything is sooooo different. They believe they cannot live without their cell phones! Imagine what 500 years will bring!


Sandee said...

1. No
2. Nothing
3. No
4. Hubby does the grocery shopping. He's the chef here. I do the clean-up.
5. Travel back. It's scary here now, I can't imagine what 500 more years in the future would bring.

Have a terrific day. :)

Helene said...

I used to be so afraid of the dark but now I can't sleep if there's even the slightest smidgen of light in our room!!!

My kids love V-8 Fusion!

I managed to open your blog using Google Chrome!!!

Angie, Catladyland said...

Cool! I love getting to know more about friends. I also would rather go ahead than back in time. I would be a terrible pioneer!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thanks for stopping over today.
I like a little bit of light and I can barely sleep with the covers on, I am usually warm. I agree with the future and the conveniences. Have a great week.

BeadedTail said...

I'm such a wuss I would never have made it 500 years ago without modern conveniences.

I have to have it dark to sleep too but we do keep a night light on in the bathroom so at least we can see a little bit of the animals if someone has to get up since Sadie sleeps in various places on the floor. She appreciates not getting stepped on!

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