Friday, April 9, 2010

9 Things I Learned This Week-#66

Games For Charity

I don't know how long it's been there, but I just discovered this week that at the animal rescue site there is a "games" tab on the side where you can play a variety of games and raise money for the cause. I think all the different causes have this including Breast Cancer, Rainforest, Literacy, Child Health, and hunger. There are 20 games to choose from so what are you waiting for? Click on either the Breast Cancer or Animal Rescue Site badges on my sidebars to go there.

Cleveland Weather

On April 1, we set a record high temperature of 83 degrees here in Cleveland! I LOVE it!

Two Tribe Tickets For Volunteers

The Cleveland Indians are promoting volunteerism to help local charities coordinated through Business Volunteers Unlimited. If you get just 4 hours of volunteer work validated through the volunteer center, you get a voucher for 2 free tickets to an Indians game. I went to to see how it worked and what was available. The person who logs in the most hours through BVU will get to throw out the first pitch at the Sept. 16 game! Cheers to the Cleveland Indians for doing this!

We Won The Basketball Pool

That's right! I won $30 and Gerard won $15 in his work pool for March Madness. Only nine people were in it and we were the only ones who had Duke going all the way! Thanks, Duke!

How To Make A Blog Signature

I've seen signatures on blogs and wondered how they do that. This week I came across a post at Mommy Moment that gives step-by-step instructions if you're interested: How To Make Your Own Signautre. It sounds easy with the wizard at

The Blog Frog

I just learned from SITS about the Blog Frog community and joined. It's a forum type thing where you can connect your blog and promote it and have readers interact with one another. Basically, another time eater, but a place to "meet" more bloggers and find more blogs. Here's the link to my community: .

Noteworthy Bible

This week I found a new blog, Sugar Tails that shared about a thing called a noteworthy Bible. It's a Bible that has blank pages for notes or prayers across from every page of text. Read about making a treasure for your children at her post: A Noteworthy Idea.


Did you know poop comes in all colors or that it is possible to sleep standing up? I came across a funny post by a nurse who shares things she didn't know until she became a nurse and these two were mentioned. I learned more what nurses go through from reading Things I Didn't Know Until I Became A Nurse.

Sirius Radio

We just discovered this week that we get more channels now. We never used to get channels above 200 and now we do! The XM Sports channels--goody!

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livinginbetween said...

Thanks for the nod to Sugar Tails! It looks lovely among these other worthy things!

And I love your comment about Blog Frog. I'm really debating about whether or not I want to participate in another Time Eater! There's only so much time to actually LIVE, you know?

Hope your Friday is beautiful. Oh! I also appreciated your comment about how you step closer to your family. Getting out away from stuff really helps, doesn't it?

Angie said...

I'm in Pgh - in the mid 80's one day - low 40's the next... not fair!!!

I would love it to say in the 80's!

carol at A Secnd Cup said...

Congrats on the basketball pool. In NC it seems to be natural law that Duke will win.

tahtimbo said...

Those are some really great lessons this week. I'll be checking out the signature and the Bible. Since I read the Bible each day (or try to), this would be great for taking notes and recording my thoughts.

The Crazy Coxes said...

That is so cool that you won the March Madness pool! You're rich! I love and it is really easy. It has to be - for me to be able to make it work. ;)

Happy weekend!

BeadedTail said...

Congratulations on the basketball pool! That's a great idea by the Cleveland Indians to promote volunteerism! I'll be checking out that signature thing too!

Kathy said...

I used to have a signature on my blog and used that plug-in on my Wordpress blog, but for some reason it stopped working, so I removed it. Maybe it's time to try again, but part of me thinks it messed up my blog briefly and it scared me off of it.

Have a great weekend, Karen!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

Hi! I am stopping by from SITS! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest. I am going to check out your blog.

The Author said...

Wow, Karen so many good tidbits of information! I'm glad you won the pool and both of you, imagine that! I have to check out the Bible you mentioned too. What a wonderful idea.
No time left for any more blogging communities but if you're interested there's also another one called "Tribal Blogs." Only blogs that update regularly and are not advertisements are allowed to join.
Anyway, I so enjoy everything you write and I learn so much!

Karen and Gerard said...

GlowinGirl: Hey, thanks for stopping by. I joined Blog Frog and still don't really understand how to get a community going. Guess it takes more time than what I want to put into it. I'll probably just participate in the forums once a week.

Angie: Sounds like Cleveland weather.

Second Cup: Duke is stellar! That's why I was so surprised not more people picked them to win.

Tahtimbo: Glad you found something hear of interest. I just write small so put notes in the margin of my Bible.

Crazy Coxes: I'm using my winnings for my Sunday School class 8-ball tournament this Saturday. Bought an engraved picture frame to give to the winner for $15! I wonder if they would rather just have the cash. Maybe next time.

Beaded Tail & Kathy: I am proud of the Indians for doing this. I guess if you can't play well, you'd better be involved in the community to keep up support. The signature thing looked easy enough but I hesitate messing with my blog at all--I'm very paranoid about screwing it up after battling with the commentLuv.

Mommyto2Boys: Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Mountain Woman: Glad you like by bits of information. I did look into Tribal Blogs, but they actually charge to join! Forget that! Besides, SITS and Blog Frog give me plenty of blogs to visit as it is. I really don't have time for anymore of these things either.

Mrs4444 said...

You are such a positive person, Karen; I'm glad that good kharma you have keeps delivering back to you :)

Lena, who designed my blog for me, also has some great tutorials (in her sidebar) here:

Hope you're having a great week. Thanks again for your donation to Relay!! :)

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