Monday, April 12, 2010

The Biggest Loser Inspires Me To Exercise Too

I enjoy watching "The Biggest Loser" on TV because it is so inspiring. I admire those contestants who have the courage to go through all that on TV and work so hard to lose weight. I especially love watching them compete in the challenges. When I see them working out, it makes me want to do it too. Following are two of my favorites this season:

Running 26 miles for $10,000: The one who did it in the fastest time won $10,000. This was just fantastic that they could do that. I don't think I could. What upsets me though is how the show tries to pit them against each other. In this challenge, before it started they could eat a cupcake and add on time to anyone they wanted. I forget how much it was, I think 5 minutes but I'm not sure. The point is that I didn't like this aspect of it. I give credit to those who did not eat any cupcakes. I was thrilled to see two of these guys (Sam and Koli) finish first and second and the guy who ate the most to hurt others came in third. I was so happy when he finally got voted off the show too! Poor Sam dropped to last place though when they added on the extra time from the cupcakes others ate to sabotage him, but it was neat to see his brother get first then.

1,000 Step Ups: They invited all those who were voted off the show to come back and two got another chance. One was voted back on by the ones who were left and the other was the one who got to 1,000 step ups first. Step ups is something I do while I wait for my bus to come in the morning. After this episode, I tried seeing how many I could do and got to 80 when I got tired of doing them. I can't imagine doing 1,000 and I only weigh 120. These contestants weigh over 200 pounds, many of them close to 300! I wasn't happy it was Melissa that won but I have to give her credit for pushing so hard. I give them a lot of credit! Here is s short video of me doing step-ups at the bus stop. Gerard had a day off work so came along with me to make this video.

How do you get your exercise in?

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carol at A Secnd Cup said...

I just joined the Y. Getting there is a challenge.

paige said...

I run. It's the only thing that gets the adrenaline pumping enough to propel me forward. I hate exercise, but if I have my iPod I can run for hours!

The Drama Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I joined the Y, but chasing after my 2 yr old is more exercise then anything I do at the Y.

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