Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Got Flowers But Not From My Husband!

For Secretary’s Day or what has been renamed as Administrative Professionals Day, some flowers were delivered to me! At first I thought they must be from Gerard but he’s been very good about not wasting our money on cut flowers. They were actually from one of the attorneys I just started working for in March. I certainly wasn’t expecting anything from them since I’ve only been working for them less than two months, but it made me feel appreciated. She also gave me a very nice card.

The firm always does some special things for the support staff too during the week of Secretary’s Day. Tuesday, they gave us a super breakfast which included cheese stuffed French Toast, Kish, cut up fruit, bacon, sticky buns (yes, I gave in and had some—they were delicious!), yogurt and juice. We could even go back for seconds, which I did! I wasn’t hungry at all though at lunch time so just saved my pizza that I brought for the next day.

They also had a drawing for 10 different prizes. Each person could put in one ticket for whichever prize they would like. I put in for an extra day off but did not win—the co-worker I used to sit next to on my other floor won. I was happy for her.

On Wednesday, they brought little pouches around that had “Thanks For All You Do” on them with two movie tickets. I’ll have to go on the website to find a movie Gerard and I would like to go see.

It’s nice to have a special day for just doing your job. Have you had any surprises lately?

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Sandee said...

How nice. I used to treat my secretary to lunch all the time. Well it did help that we had been friends for many years. It is indeed nice to be appreciated.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful week it must have been. Kudos to you on doing your job well!

Melissa said...

Yay for getting flowers!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a nice place to work. Everyone likes a little appreciation now and then!

Lin said...

I don't think it is wasting money to buy cut flowers--look at how good they made you feel! How nice that they treated you so nicely at work and thanked you for what you do.

I recently got a small bonus, which was really surprising. I'm only there part-time, so that was nice to be acknowledged.

BeadedTail said...

That's so nice they recognized you and your work with flowers and movie tickets! I received a bonus after tax season which is always appreciated.

The Author said...

No surprises like that but we did get the surprise snowstorm. Does that count :-)

The flowers are beautiful. I'm with Gerard though. It's really hard for me to spend money on cut flowers so it's wonderful to get them as a gift. Our firm used to take us out to lunch but your firm really knows how to celebrate.

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