Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fear—Legitimate or Ridiculous? (Writer’s Workshop)

Who refuses to wear perfume in the Summer and keeps away from those who do? Me

Who does not like eating outside? Me

Who does not generally drink pop outside? Me

Who just stops playing tennis in the middle of a rally? Me

Who weeded for only about two minutes before quitting? Me

Who doesn’t like wearing anything red in the Summer? Me

Why? Because of bees.

The cause of my fear. I hate bees! I am afraid of those things; they hurt when they sting. I know because I was stung by one while playing with a hula hoop, just minding my own business. Actually, I didn’t get stung while playing, it just landed on my thumb and wouldn’t get off. The neighbor mom brushed it off and that’s when it stung me. I still have the scar! So, that’s why I am afraid of bees, wasps, hornets and anything that stings.

Prevention at any cost. I don’t wear perfume because I’ve heard it attracts bees. I don’t like eating outside because bees usually come around, especially if there is pop open. That’s why I never drink pop outside (I usually don’t drink pop anymore at all anyway.) Sometimes during a game of tennis with Gerard, a bee will come by me and I’ll just stop even if it causes me to lose the point. If it doesn’t leave the court in 10 minutes, we leave. I decided to help my husband in the yard and started to pull out some big weeds that were growing in our rose bush but had to quit after just a few minutes because the bees were buzzing! So much for the weeding. I don’t usually wear red in the Summer because I heard bees are more attracted to bright colors.
Little Miss Muffet (Remember that nursery rhyme?): Last Summer I was just sitting on my porch in my white shorts and a bee landed on my leg! Then it started crawling around on me! I was terrified it was going to crawl into my shorts! Finally, after about 5 minutes at least, it did fly away and I went inside the house. Thank God for screens that let air in but keep those bees outside! So, who walks off the porch if a bee comes by? Me. I miss my enclosed porch that I used to have at my dad’s house. I’m like Little Miss Muffet except letting spiders scare me away, it’s bees!

I Remember the Bee: Gerard and I went to see a movie where they gave us special glasses to put on to see it in 3-D. I don’t remember what movie it was, but I do remember seeing a big yellow jacket bumble bee coming at me and I took those glasses off quick!

Mom’s Advice: After I was stung, my mom told me that if a bee comes, I should just stand still and be quiet. It will think I’m a tree and will leave me alone and fly away. So, that is what I do but I hate when they follow me! I don’t believe anymore that bees will think I’m a tree, but by following her advice, I have never been stung since. I got an email that gave lots of different uses for Bounce (sheets you put in your dryer to soften your clothes and prevent static). One of the things it said was to keep bees away from you by carrying a sheet in your pocket. So who carries a sheet of Bounce in her pocket during the Summer? Me.

This is part of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop in response to the prompt: Where does that fear come from? Write about something that frightens you that other people might find ridiculous. So, do you think I’m being ridiculous? What scares you?

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paige said...

I have this same fear except of spider crickets. Yours is far more sane though since bees sting and spider crickets only menace.

Amanda said...

Totally don't like bees either, I've only been stung once but they creep me out!

extreme personal measures said...

Thanks for stopping my blog. I am now following you. Never been stung....Will have to try the envelope experiment.

Maggie S said...

Butterflies are attracted to blues and purples. Bees to reds and oranges in the garden. Maybe if you brought in the butterflies the bees would clear out. Found you from your comment on pBd...I have relatives with your last name.

Unknown said...

Bees really are troublesome little creatures aren't they? I don't like them one bit! I hope you have a sting free summer!

Lin said...

My son is like that with bees. He always gets stung, poor kid. With me, it is spiders. They creep. me. out.

Anonymous said...

It is my dream to have an enclosed porch some day. I love being outside, but I HATE bees and spiders and all those other creepy-crawlies. *shudder* Maybe if we ever leave the Seattle area we'll be able to afford a house with one!

I hadn't been stung since I was little, then a couple years ago I got stung as an adult. I'd expected it to be nothing, just kids overreacting like to shots, but it STUNG! For HOURS! Ugh, hate bees.

Great post!

Lynn Kellan said...

No doubt, my kids can totally relate to your fear. It's scary that an insect so little can hurt you so much.

cheekymama said...

I feel your pain. I was stung on the back of a neck by a bee as a kid. Now I get nervous when I see bees or wasps, but more for my kids than myself.

I'm freaked out by rats - had one run over my foot as a child and never forget that creepy sensation.

jude8753 said...

I'm with cheekymama, I hate rats or mice and bats give me the creeps. I also hate bees and sometimes when we're riding the bike they fly into me and sting and I swell up. Lots of things I'm afraid of because I hate physical pain.

Anonymous said...

I never last long outside. I hate wasps. Bees are bad too. It's so much nicer inside anyways!

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Paige: I liked your post about those spider crickets! Thanks for stopping by.

Amanda: Thank you for your support.

Denise: Welcome! Welcome new follower! If you try the envelope experiment, leave it in longer than 3 hours and let me know if that works. Maybe I didn't leave it in long enough?

Maggie: Thanks for the info. I'll definitely go with the blue and purple flowers this year in our flower boxes. Maybe that will help keep those bees off my porch!

Life With Kaishon: I hope so too!

Lin: I guess lots of people are afraid of spiders but I find them fascinating. I love to watch them work on their webs as long as they are not in my house! I think your son is smart to be afraid of bees.

Giving Her All Shes Got: Closed in porches are great! I miss mine that I used to have when I rented the upstairs of my dad's house.

I wondered if it would hurt less now that I'm an adult--guess not. I read a book, Morning Glory by Laveryle Spencer that said putting mud on bee stings will stop the stinging. I wonder if that would really work?

Lynn: It would be especially scary for those who are allergic to bees.

Cheekymama: EWW, a rat running over my foot would freak me out too! I don't like them either!

Jude: Bats I wouldn't want in my house but don't mind watching them at the zoo. Mice never appealed to me. Riding into the bees on your bike would be horrible!

Princess Blogger: I like outside, but do try to avoid the stinging insects.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment everyone!

The Author said...

I'm okay with honey bees. They just do their thing and never bother people but the other bees I'm deathly afraid of because I have allergic reactions if I'm stung. Same with spiders.
I don't wear perfume either and I don't eat outside. Love those screen porches!

Shelley said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog! I am afraid of being stung by a bee. Always have been! When I see one I run away as fast as I can. I think that's why I have never been stung!! :-) And why don't I just step on spiders? Because that would require me getting close enough to it to do that. Plus they are quick. What if it runs up my leg or something?!

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