Sunday, July 5, 2009

Comment Showcase--Top Comments of This Week

We thank all those who took time to comment on this blog and recognize these top comments for this week:

On Blogger Is Getting Me Aggravated
Grace said:
I scheduled a post to run and it never did, it just sat there in the lists of posts with "scheduled" next to it. So I copied and pasted it and published it and then deleted the one that said "Scheduled" PITA

On How Do You Decide What To Read Next

Tina T. said:
I like to use the suggestions on Amazon, they have quite a history on me by now, so their suggestions are usually pretty good.

My favorite method was my neighbor who seemed to read every new book of value and would pass them all along to me when she was done. Too bad we don't live next door to each other any more.

On Abby's First Car Ride With Us Here are the two top comments:
magic eye:
hey abby! good on you! glad you showed that you too had a right to ride on the seat! great to have you on board Pet Pride
am sure you will have lots of fun meeting others out here!
cheers! bozo!

Sandee at Comedy Plus said:
They always win Karen, always. Our dog loves to look out the window. She also likes to sleep when we go for long rides. I'll have to check out Abby's new blog.

On Our Dog's First Car Ride
Daisy Said:
Oh, a car ride and a walk home, that's a great combination! I think Abby should get her way. Definitely!


Lin said...

I'm having the same problem with my scheduled posts. I guess Blogger is aware of the problem and is "working" on it. Ugh. It's frustrating, isn't it??

Mrs4444 said...

I am so with Grace and Lin. It's crazy-it's been going on for like two weeks now-you'd think they'd have it fixed by now. Makes me realize we really should be backing up our blogs somewhere, just in case Blogger goes haywire. Off to find out how...

Karen and Gerard said...

I would think Blogger would have this problem solved by now too.

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