Tuesday, July 28, 2009

54 Things You Can Do At Work To Kill Time When You Are Not Busy --Part I

First, I’ll mention three things you definitely should NOT do at work: blog, sleep, browse the Internet, or do social networking--these are No-Nos.

If you’re having a slow day at the office it can be very frustrating but this list may come in handy and help you stay awake:

1. Get some water to keep at your desk.

2. Clean your computer.

3. Look through your files.

4. Take some files out of the drawer and put them on your desk.

5. Take a walk to other floors via the stairs.

6. Visit the restroom.

7. Mark and decorate vacation days on your calendar.

8. Doodle.

9. Think of a word and other synonyms and then look it up using the Thesaurus feature on your computer to see how many you matched.

10. Call the weather.

11. Call home and leave a message on the answering machine for your family our pets.

12. Read a book (but only if you’re allowed).

13. Play a handheld video game with the sound muted under your desk.

14. Make a PowerPoint just for fun.

15. Pray.

16. Write a letter to someone or an email.

17. Schedule more vacation days but check to see how many you have left first!

18. Make a Doctor appointment for a routine checkup.

19. Rearrange the things on your desk.

20. Memorize some scripture verses.

21. Take all the breaks you are allowed and move away from your desk—go for a walk.

22. Mix up your alphabetized files and then put them back in order.

23. Go get some more supplies to stock up to be prepared for when you do get busy.

24. Make some lists (blog post ideas, things to do to look busy, things to do at home, home improvements you would like to make some day, etc.).

25. Exercise in an empty office.

26. Start writing that book you always wanted to write but put those headphones on from the dictating unit.

27. Wash your hands—use the hand sanitizer.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2 with some more brilliant suggestions! Which one of these is your favorite?


Sandee said...

When I was still working I never had days like this. I always had way more work than I could handle. I would have loved this. Can't wait to see Part II.

Have a terrific day Karen. :)

The Author said...

I liked the vacation days one. But the others were fun too. We all used to play Word Twist on the computer when things were slow.

Lin said...

I like to clean up the folders in my computer--deleting things I don't need or consolidating information into folders. It sure looks like I'm busy!

Jude said...

We weren't allowed idle time in the jobs I've performed. If it was slow you were expected to clean, but I like your list better.

Karen and Gerard said...

Sandee: Once I had a job where we never got everything done but this one usually has a balance between hectic crazy days and slow days, although things have been slow for some time now--it's scary.

Mountain Woman: It's always fun to schedule vacation time! We aren't allowed to play games on the computer at work but I know some places are which would be nice. I could spend hours on pogo.com.

Lin: This is a very good suggestion. I think I had it listed, maybe in Part II.

Jude: What kind of job did you have? I did list cleaning the desk and the computer--maybe that's in Part 2 too.

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